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Estonia. It lay at the bottom of the Baltic Sea for over a hundred years. Fuel started leaking from the ship

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The British ship HMS Cassandra, which has been lying on the bottom of the Baltic Sea off the coast of Estonia for over a hundred years, has started leaking fuel into the sea, the country’s climate ministry said on Thursday. The ministry said the ship could have had up to 1,000 tons of fuel at the time of sinking.

The destroyer HMS Cassandra sank off the west coast of Estonia’s largest island, Saarema, after World War I. The ministry said the ship may have had up to 1,000 tons of fuel at the time it sank, most of which is still inside today.

The wreck of HMS Cassandra

Estonian Ministry of Climate

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“However, the leak is small and the fuel comes out slowly, only small spots of highly diluted oil are visible on the surface of the water,” said Kaspar Anderson, an advisor at the Estonian climate ministry. “Given the wreck’s relatively good condition, it is assumed that most of the fuel is trapped inside,” the expert added.

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Officials are closely monitoring the wreck

Officials continue to monitor the wreck closely, keeping track of any fluctuations in the leak rate. The Ministry of Climate is working on initiating an inter-agency cooperation project in order to prepare the safe extraction of the remaining fuel.

HMS CassandraRoyal Navy

To date, 54 environmentally hazardous shipwrecks have been identified in Estonian waters. Their disposal, including emptying, is considered an expensive, high-risk process, undertaken only when the situation has the potential to become potentially dangerous to people or the environment.

Main photo source: Eesti Kliimaministerium

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