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Estonian army: Russia plans more troops on Estonian and Finnish borders

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Russia plans to increase the number of its troops stationed on the border with Estonia and Finland by 2026, Colonel Eero Rebo, chief of the general staff of the Estonian Defense Forces, warned on Friday. The Russian army is also planning structural changes that Rebo said would allow Russia to exert “specific military pressure on a larger scale.”

– The program provides for a significant increase in the number of Russian troops at our borders by 2026. This will likely start with the 25th and 138th brigades joining together to form a division. Both formations were directed at Ukraine and have combat experience,” Rebo told ERR.

He added that an increase in Russian artillery capabilities in the Luga area and in the rest of the St. Petersburg region is also highly likely.

Russian armyKonstantin Morozov, mil.ru CC BY 4.0

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Changes will allow Putin to exert ‘concrete military pressure’

– The Western Military District will be divided into two sectors – one will be responsible for the borders with Belarus and Ukraine, the second, near St. Petersburg, behind Finland and the Baltic States. Structural change will allow the Putin regime to exert concrete military pressure on a larger scale, the colonel assessed.

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“In general, we can say that Russia is returning to the military formations of the Soviet era,” he added.

Main photo source: Konstantin Morozov, mil.ru CC BY 4.0

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