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Euro, dollar, franc and pound exchange rates. What are the currency prices [15.11.2021]

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Monday is another day of weakening of the Polish currency. The dollar, euro, pound and franc are more expensive. The Swiss currency exceeded the value of PLN 4.41. Such a level of CHF / PLN has not been seen since January 2015.

On Monday, around 6 p.m., you had to pay PLN 4.41 for the Swiss franc.

The euro cost PLN 4.64, the dollar – nearly PLN 4.07, and the British pound – almost PLN 5.47.

Zloty – quoted on November 15, 2021

Zloty exchange rate

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– Considerable weakening of the zloty from last week took place amid extremely low liquidity in the market. This has to correct itself. I expect that by the end of the week the EUR / PLN exchange rate will move to 4.62 – assessed Piotr Popławski, senior economist at ING Bank Śląski.

– On the other hand, at the end of the year, the rate may be around 4.6. During this time, the dollar will remain very strong, but due to the expected December rate hike of the NBP, high inflation and expectations for further increases, I do not expect an aggressive weakening of the domestic currency. Moreover, there are signals from Asia that the economic situation in the industry is improving. If this is confirmed in subsequent data, it will be a positive factor at the turn of the year, he pointed out.

The EUR / PLN exchange rate has increased significantly in recent days and on Friday it reached the area of ​​4.645 and thus stood above the September semi-annual peak.

“Movements on the EUR / USD also stimulate the dollar’s appreciation against the PLN. Despite the interest rate hikes, the PLN is weak. The level of PLN 4 against the USD was a resistance for the move in this pair several times, but at the end of the week there was a strong breakthrough and broke the circular barrier. Now it is support. However, looking more broadly, if the situation does not change, and it does not look like it. Continuation and higher and higher levels are possible, medium-term traffic is limited only at the level of 4.3 per USD “- assessed the Q Value analyst. Piotr Zając.

In his opinion, “also in relation to the weaker EUR, the Polish zloty is very weak”. “The last days brought an increase in the valuation of the EUR to the level of 4.65. This is risky for the zloty, and the crossing of the last weeks’ peaks and the exit above 4.7 per EUR may strengthen the tendency and overestimate the zloty even more” – he said.

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