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Monday, November 29, 2021

Euro, dollar, franc and pound exchange rates. What are the prices and currency quotes [18.11.2021]

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The zloty weakening has been noticeable in recent days. On Thursday, rising for the eighth session in a row, the euro broke the March peak of trading at around 5:00 pm and set a new 12-year high at PLN 4.6765.

Ok. time. 17.00 the EUR / PLN exchange rate increased by 0.2 percent. and was above 4.67, i.e. the 12-year peak from March this year. The USD / PLN exchange rate remained close to the reference level at 4.115, and EUR / USD increased by 0.3%. to 1.135.


Zloty – exchange rate November 18, 2021

On Wednesday around 17.40 you had to pay for the euro around 4.67 zlotys.

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The US dollar cost about PLN 4.11.

The CHF / PLN pair exceeded the level of 4.43.

You had to pay PLN 5.54 for the British pound.

Currency Quotes – November 18, 2021

“The Polish currency did not take advantage of the slight weakening of the dollar in the global markets. This may indicate that investors associate the problems of the zloty to a large extent with local factors – chaotic communication of the MPC on further interest rate increases, diminishing chances of obtaining EU funds in in the coming weeks, or finally the more and more disturbing COVID data (which, sooner or later, will force the need to introduce some restrictions). Attention is drawn today to the infamous CHFPLN records, which is due to the constantly cheaper EURCHF, “DM BOŚ analyst Marek Rogalski said in a comment.

– Recently, after a series of positive data from the US economy, in particular retail sales data, two local Fed processing readings that surprised upwards quite sharply and the reading of last week’s inflation, which exceeded 6 percent in the US, the dollar started strongly strengthen. This naturally weakens the currencies of emerging markets, including the zloty, said Wojciech Mazurkiewicz, economist of Santander Bank Polska in an interview with PAP.

– It seems that this tendency is not coming to an end yet and the dollar appreciation will be continued. EUR / PLN, which basically equaled this year’s high from the end of March, will continue to rise and break this peak. The first technical levels behind the barrier at 4.67 appear around 4.70-4.75 – said Mazurkiewicz before breaking the March peak of the euro rate.

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