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Euro in Poland, Belka tax, tax-free amount. The Minister of Finance spoke

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The Polish economy is not prepared to adopt the common currency. There is no work in progress at the Ministry of Finance on adopting the euro, said Finance Minister Andrzej Domański on Friday during a speech on the Civic Coalition's social media. He also said that from January the so-called Belka tax will be smaller.

During “Live with the Minister of Finance”, Domański answered, among others: to Internet users' questions. He stated that this year the Polish economy will grow at a rate of 3.1%. and that in 2025 an increase of 3.7% is expected. GDP. – The economy is in good, even very good condition, but we want to grow faster, we cannot be satisfied with a growth of 3 percent – said Domański.

Euro in Poland? This is a “substitute discussion”

He also referred to the issue of introducing the euro in Poland. He said that currently the discussion on adopting the common currency is a “substitute discussion”.

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– The Polish economy is absolutely not ready to adopt the euro, we do not meet the convergence criteria – said Domański. He emphasized that the Polish zloty has helped the Polish economy cope with crises many times. – The Ministry of Finance is not working on adopting the common currency, even potential – he added.

The convergence criteria, also called the Maastricht criteria, are the conditions that should be met by a country candidate for membership in the euro zone. It's about low inflationdeficit level, stability of the national currency exchange rate and interest rates.

Poland committed to adopting the euro when the accession treaty was signed, under which our country became a member of the EU.

Problem with access to employees

The minister also said on Friday that entrepreneurs pay attention to the problem with employees in Poland. – We want new jobs, but not all of them, we want well-paid jobs, for example in the new technologies sector. That is why we are conducting talks with advanced technology companies to create as many such jobs as possible, said the Minister of Finance. He added that to accelerate growth, it is necessary to launch private investments and pointed to the need to create a friendly environment for investments. Domański also talked about changes in health insurance premiums for entrepreneurs – he noted that, together with the Minister of Health, Izabela Leszczyna, he presented a plan for changes in health insurance premiums that was supposed to be beneficial for 93 percent. entrepreneurs. – There was some controversy around this proposal. We will look for an agreement and talk to representatives of other parties, he announced.

Tax-free amount and Belka tax

The head of the Ministry of Finance recalled that he was obliged to develop an implementation plan tax-free amount for natural persons at the level of PLN 60,000. zloty. He maintained the declaration that this solution would come into force, although he did not provide any date. He also talked about changes in capital gains tax, i.e. the so-called Belka tax. – Consultations are underway on how far we can go with reducing Belka's tax. We proposed something in the form of a free amount – separate for deposits, separate for investments on the capital market. This is not a big reduction, but it shows the next step in thinking about taxes in Poland and capital gains tax – said Minister Domański. He emphasized that he was in favor of “taxes being similar” and “not creating artificial preferences” through tax solutions. – The tax will be reduced from January 1. The Ministry of Finance is working on other solutions that will support Poles' savings on the financial market, said Domański.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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