Europe divided in terms of temperature, in Poland lazy and dormant weather


Weather stagnation persists over Poland, but other parts of Europe are hot and frosty. The presenter of, Tomasz Wasilewski, explained on TVN24 what is behind the current, typical November weather over our country.

The weather in Europe is currently clearly divided in terms of temperature. On Saturday, on the Greek islands and Cyprus, thermometers showed up to 27 degrees Celsius – quite high for this time of year. The situation is completely different in Scandinavia, where it is getting colder every night. In the northern reaches of Sweden and Finland, the night temperature dropped to -25 degrees Celsius. This means that the temperature range between the two ends of the continent is over 50 degrees Celsius.

“Lazy, dormant, very indistinct”

The situation is even different in Poland, where the weather has been stagnant for several days. As Tomasz Wasilewski explained in the “WSTAsz i weekend” program, we found ourselves between two lows – one over Eastern Europe and the other over the British Isles. In such a situation, there is no air movement and there is no wind.

– The pressure centers that make the weather clear (…) are far from us – he said, pointing to the map. – In Scandinavia there is frosty, very cold air that comes from the north and north-east. (…) It’s already a regular winter here.

In the coming days, a low pressure from the west will play a significant role in the weather in our country. The associated atmospheric fronts will bring rain first to Western Europe and then also to Poland.

– We found ourselves in an area where the weather is lazy, dormant, very unclear, but at the same time typical for November – added Wasilewski.

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