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European elections on June 9. “Let's be a collective Iga Świątek and win the European Championship”

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The script of the clip is like from a thriller-war film. It's happening, there's a pace and a punch line. It is Akcja Democracy that encourages people to take part in the European Parliament elections. You can still take a certificate and add yourself to the voters' list to vote outside your place of residence in the European Parliament elections, which will take place on June 9.

Active Citizens of Piaseczno County organized a pro-turnout campaign. The action was well organized. Mr. Stanisław went on tour in a car with a trailer and a billboard, and on the billboard the slogan “Poland strong in United Europe”. The remaining volunteers went with leaflets.

– The dot hollows out the rock. If there were these few people in every commune, it would have a big impact – comments Anna Piłat from the group Active Citizens of Piaseczno County.

The aim of the campaign is to have the best possible turnout in the upcoming European elections. – We were so proud as Poles in October that the whole world was delighted with our turnout, and we like to be proud, we admire our athletes. So I thought to myself: let's be a collective Iga Świątek and win the European championship – says Zofia Sanejko from the group “Active Citizens of Piaseczno County”.

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This election is about what Europe will be like. – The unity of Europe is decided. In the war situation we are facing, there is probably nothing more important – emphasizes Anna Piłat.

What would Europe be like without the EU?

Citizens of the Piaseczno district work hand in hand with Akcja Democracy, which also encourages people to vote in the elections and presents a spot with a strong message and the slogan “We will not give up Europe”. One of the scenes in the clip shows what Europe could look like if there was no EU.

– This spot is strong and needs to be strong to show the real choice we face. Community of values, Western European Union or Putin's dictatorship – says Jakub Kocjan from Akcja Democracy.

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Poles make videos encouraging people to vote in the European Parliament electionsAction Democracy

You can vote outside your place of residence

With a certificate of voting rights, you can vote at any district electoral commission in the country or abroad. We have until June 6 to submit an application to the municipal or city office where we are registered for permanent residence.

– We can submit an application for a certificate of voting rights at any commune office in the country, and in the capital city of Warsaw at the district office – says Jolanta Napłoszek, representative of the Office of Administration and Civil Affairs at the Ursynów District Office in Warsaw.

We can also submit an application for a one-time change of voting place until June 6. You must indicate the address where you will be on election day. We can submit the application both in paper and electronic form – at the commune office where we will be staying on election day.

Change your voting location once – government website

It's worth thinking about it now to be ready on June 9.

Main photo source: TVN24

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