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European Film Awards in Berlin. “Anatomy of a Fall” European Film 2023

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The European Film Awards (EFA), called the European equivalent of the Oscars, are awarded by the European Film Academy. The award in the most important European Film category was “Anatomy of a Fall” by Justine Triet.

The European Film Awards were established in 1988. Until 1996 they were also known as the Felix Awards. According to the assumptions of its originators, they were to constitute a counterweight to the American ones Oscars and become the main film award of united Europe. 4.6 thousand people took part in this year’s vote. members of the academy.

  • Thank you for your relationship.

  • The European Film of 2023 was “Anatomy of a Fall” by Justine Triet.

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  • This year’s winner of this award is Vanessa Redgrave – one of the most outstanding British film and theater actresses. She was nominated six times for an Oscar, which she received in 1978 for her supporting role in “Julia” by Fred Zinnemann.

  • The president of the European Film Academy, Agnieszka Holland, will present the award European Film Award for Lifetime Achievements.

  • He received the European Actor award Mads Mikkelsen for his role in the film “The Bastard”.

  • Sandra Hüller winner of the European Actress award for her role in the film “Anatomy of a Fall”. Hüller was also nominated for her role in the film “Business Zone”.

  • – I don’t have any tips for young people. All they have to do is be themselves, find their own film language and f**k the film industry – said the legendary director. – But above all, they must be free. Then we will all be free, he emphasized.

  • The audience welcomed Tarr on stage with a long standing ovation.

  • The legendary Hungarian cinema master Bela Tarr receives the Honorary Award of the President and Management Board of the European Film Academy. Tarr is the creator of such films as: “Damnation”, “Satanic Tango”, “Werckmeister Harmonies”, “Man from London” and “The Turin Horse”.

  • Justine Triet with a reward European Director for the film “Anatomy of a Fall”.

  • The Berlin artist and multi-instrumentalist Philipp Johann Thimm took the audience on a musical journey.

  • The European Short Film Award goes to “Hardly Working” directed by Susanna Flock, Robin Klengel, Leonhard Müllner and Michael Stumpf.

  • “Georgie’s Well” directed by Charlotte Regan with the European Young Audience Award.

  • – This statuette looks a bit like a sex toy. My suggestion for the academy for next year: add batteries to it, maybe then it will be useful – concluded Coixet.

  • Coixet is known primarily as a director. His achievements include: “A Life Hidden in Words”, “Bookstore with Dreams”, “Paris in Love”, “Things I Never Told You”, “Nobody Wants the Night”, “Learning to Drive” and “Un Amor”.

  • Spanish actress Laia Costa will present the award European Film Award for outstanding achievements in world cinemawhich this year goes to a Spanish filmmaker Isabel Coixet.

  • It became the European Full-Length Animated Film “Dog and Robot” directed by Pablo Berger.

  • The film “Anatomy of a Fall” was awarded the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

  • They receive the award in the European Screenwriter/Screenwriters category Justine Triet and Arthur Harari for “Anatomy of a Fall”.

  • The European Film Academy pays tribute to all European filmmakers who have died in the last 12 months.

  • “How To Have Sex” is the feature-length directorial debut of Manning Walker, a renowned British cinematographer.

  • The European Discovery Award – FIPRESCI Award is received “How To Have Sex” directed by Molly Manning Walker.

  • Producer Uljana Kim from Kyrgyzstan received the European Film Academy – Euroimages Award for International Co-Production.

  • The host of the gala picked up the Hints melody and announced that she would be using it throughout the evening.

  • The film is the Estonian candidate for the Oscar in the best international film category.

  • The award goes to the film “The Sisterhood of the Sacred Sauna” directed by Anna Hints. Instead of giving a speech, the Estonian filmmaker decided to sing a song.

  • The first award will be given in the European Documentary Film category.

  • German comedian and actress Britta Steffenhagen welcomed the guests gathered at Arena Berlin.

  • According to the rules, this year the ceremony is hosted in Berlin.

  • Good evening! We are starting the coverage of the 36th European Film Awards gala.

The only film directed by a Polish director on the list of nominees for the 36th EFA is “The Green Border” Agnieszka Holland. Recognized with the Special Prize of the Jury of the Main Competition of the Venice International Film Festival, Holland’s latest work was distinguished in three categories: European Film, European Director (Agnieszka Holland) and European Screenwriter/Screenwriter (Maciej Pisuk, Gabriela Łazarkiewicz-Sieczko, Agnieszka Holland) .


Previously, “The Green Border” was recognized with six independent awards during the Venice International Film Festival: ARCA CinemaGiovani Award, Premio CinemaSara, Green Drop Award (ex aequo with “I, Captain” by Matteo Garron), Leoncino d’Oro Award – Cinema for Unicef, Sorriso Diverso Venezia Award – Best Foreign Film, UNIMED Award – Prize for Cultural Diversity. Meanwhile, the critics of the “Hollywood Reporter” – one of the most opinion-forming film titles in the world – recognized “The Green Border” as one of the 15 best films of the autumn film festivals this year.

European Film Awards 2023. Polish accents

The list of nominees also includes two Polish co-productions. The first of them is “Strefa biznes” by Jonathan Glazer, one of the producers of which is Ewa Puszczyńska. The film also received five nominations: European Film, European Director (Jonathan Glazer), European Screenwriter (Jonathan Glazer), European Actress (Sandra Hüller) and European Actor (Christian Friedel).

Sandra Hüller in the movie “Business Zone”©Courtesy of A24/Mica Levi/Gutek Film

The American-British-Polish production has already been appreciated, among others, during the Cannes Film Festival, where it received the Main Competition Jury Prize and the FIPRESCI International Federation of Film Critics Award. “Business Zone” is a loose adaptation of the novel of the same title by Martin Amis. This is Glazer’s first full-length feature film in 10 years, i.e. since the famous “Under the Skin” with Scarlett Johansson in the main role. “Business Zone” is a shocking story about a domestic idyll in the shadow of the crematoria, i.e. the family life of the commandant of the German Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig. The main roles were played by Sandra Hüller and Christian Friedel. The author of the photos for “Strefa biznes” is Łukasz Żal, who is also indicated as one of next year’s favorites for an Oscar nomination for these photos.

“Apolonia, Apolonia” dir. Lea GlobMillenium Docs Against Gravity

The second Polish co-production on the list of nominees is Lea Glob’s documentary film “Apolonia, Apolonia” (co-producer of the film is HBO Max Central Europe – owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, the owner of TVN Warner Bros. Discovery Polska), nominated in the European Documentary Film category. The Polish producer of this documentary is Małgorzata Staroń (Staron Film). It is a moving portrait of a Polish artist growing up in Paris – Apolonia Sokół. This Danish-Polish-French story was created for about 13 years. Looking at Sokół, Glob captured the changing world, showing various faces of femininity, building relationships and following dreams in a capitalist and patriarchal reality.

The film “Apolonia, Apolonia” had its world premiere as part of the main competition of the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) – at the largest and most prestigious documentary film festival in the world – in November last year. Since then, the film Glob has become a festival hit and one of the favorites in the Oscar race.

Author:Tomasz-Marcin Wrona

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/CLEMENS BILAN

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