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European Parliament election results. Mateusz Morawiecki about Jacek Kurski: please don't ask me about him

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Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, asked by a reporter of “Fakty” TVN about Jacek Kurski, did not want to talk about him. – Please don't ask me about Mr. Jacek Kurski. Six seconds is really enough, he replied. He also referred to the fact that, according to the exit poll, the former president of TVP did not get into the European Parliament.

Poll election results. Special service tvn24.pl

By results late poll, the Civic Coalition won the most votes in the European Parliament elections – 37.4 percent. Law and Justice won 35.7 percent of the votes, Confederation – 11.8 percent, Third Way – 7.3 percent, Left – 6.6 percent. Turnout was 40.2 percent. This is the first victory of Donald Tusk's party in 10 years.

These results were commented on by former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in an interview with the reporter of “Fakty” TVN, Jakub Sobieniowski.

To the reporter's comment that he did not see Jacek Kurski at the PiS headquarters during the election evening, as was the case during the local elections, Morawiecki replied: – Please don't ask me about Mr. Jacek Kurski.

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– You don't like him that much? – Sobieniowski asked.

– Six seconds really is enough. However, when it comes to the politicians of Sovereign Poland, I have not seen these leading politicians here. But we are together, we act as one United Right team, assured Morawiecki.

In response to the comment that, according to the exit poll, Kurski did not get into the European Parliament, the former head of government replied: – It is difficult for me to comment on any personal results, because it is really premature. We don't know who will turn out to be an MEP in the morning.

Exit poll: Jacek Kurski did not get into the European Parliament

Morawiecki's relations with Kurski

In April, after the local elections, Morawiecki criticized Kurski for his management of public television. He said then that “it is worth considering whether without the loud, offensive and aggressive policy of public television, the result (PiS) in the parliamentary elections would not have been even better.” When asked whether Jacek Kurski's “media policy” was a “ball and chain for PiS”, he replied in the affirmative.

Earlier, during the PiS government, Kurski, as the president of TVP, was said to have marginalized the then head of government. In 2019, Onet wrote that Kurski then introduced a “provision for Morawiecki”. It was about the “nine-second doctrine”. The idea was that in one edition of TVP's “Wiadomości” the then Prime Minister was to be shown for no longer than nine seconds.

Main photo source: TVN24

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