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European Parliament elections 2024. Dispute within PiS. Suski supported Karski because with Wąsik “no one will care”

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The decision to place one of our colleagues on number one is a decision resulting from certain perturbations – said Marek Suski on Friday, talking about Maciej Wąsik's candidacy for the European Parliament. He added that in the European Parliament “no one will take him into account” because “he recently spent some time in prison.” Suski supported Wąsik's rival from the list, Karol Karski. PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek was critical of his statement.

Marek Suski (PIS) supported on Friday in Olsztyn Karol Karski, who was running from the second place in district 3 on the PiS list (Warmian-Masurian and Podlaskie voivodeships). – I came here to support Karol Karski because his vast experience, skills, respect he has in the European Union and effectiveness of action are a guarantee that such people will serve Poland and can do many important, wonderful things for our homeland – he said during press conference.

When asked by journalists why he supports Karski, who is running from second place, and not the leader of the list, Maciej Wąsik, Suski replied that Karski “is a person who knows how to move around in the European Union and this is the best ticket to represent our country.”

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– The decision to place one of our colleagues on number one is a decision resulting from certain perturbations. I think that people who have skills, experience and achievements should go there (to the European Parliament – ed.). People who will be respected and respected there. Please imagine how in the European Union a colleague from “number one” will be respected if he has recently spent some time in prison. Nobody will take him into account, said Marek Suski.

He emphasized that the European Parliament “will be changing the doctrine of the European Union into a state that wants to deprive countries such as Poland of their sovereignty.” He said that “we must send people who will defend Polish interests, everything that is good for our homeland.”

Marek Suski, Maciej Wąsik, Rafał BochenekPAP

Bochenek: unjustified statement and repeats the lies of the December 13 coalition

PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek said on social media that Suski's statement about Wąsik “is unjustified and repeats the lies of the current coalition on December 13.” As he added, “the presence of M. Wąsik in the European Parliament will contribute to drawing the attention of international public opinion to the situation in Poland and the blatant abuses of the current government”, which – according to him – include, among others. “preventing Wąsik from exercising his parliamentary mandate.”

Bochenek wrote on the website

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