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European Parliament elections 2024. Dobromir Sośnierz lost. Marcin Sypniewski won the mandate for the Confederation in Silesia

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The former MEP, former MP, son of a well-known doctor and politician in Silesia, ran from the last place on the Confederation list in his district. When inaugurating the campaign, he announced that he would “block stupid ideas.” According to the polls, he had a mandate. Ultimately, he lost by a hair, 49 votes to be precise.

Judging by the results elections to the European Parliament, Confederation it has the most supporters in the following voivodeships: Masovia, Lesser Poland, Greater Poland and Silesia. Dobromir Sośnierz, who started in the district covering the Silesian Voivodeship in last place, won 49,504 votes, only 49 less than the first candidate, Marcin Sypniewski. Both of them left the other candidates far behind.

On Monday morning, the media reported that Sośnierz would remain in the European Parliament. However, the Confederation will take one mandate in Silesia and it will be for Sypniewski, a 45-year-old lawyer from Katowice.

He lost the Parliament and the European Parliament

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Dobromir Sośnierz is the son of Andrzej Sośnierz, a well-known doctor and politician in Silesia, associated with PIS. Sośnierz junior surpassed his father in fame, mainly due to controversial statements.

He was already in the European Parliament for a while in 2018-2019. But not with the votes of voters. He took over the mandate after the resignation of Janusz Korwin-Mikke. Then he was an MP. He tried to extend his term, but he did not win a seat in the last parliamentary elections.

Inaugurating this year's European Parliament campaign, he said in April: – That's why we're going there, to block these stupid ideas, maybe to undo some stupid things that have already been voted on. It's just that Poland always agrees to everything. The Polish delegation does not act on behalf of the Polish raison d'état. MPs of the Left, MPs of the Platform or the Third Way often vote for things that are clearly harmful to Poland. Imposing sanctions on Poland, either official ones or those that are not called sanctions, but the Green Deal and have a similar effect on the economy. We simply will not agree to this, he announced.

Dobromir Sośnierz about migrants

In October 2023, in the program “The Seventh Day of the Week” on Radio Zet, during a discussion about migrants, he said that there was an “absurd policy of fishing out immigrants from the Mediterranean.”

What would he do in such a situation? – Warning shots are fired and (he says): “you have to turn back,” he replied.

Would he shoot in the air? – In the air or not in the air. It depends on how the intruder reacts. I would shoot where I needed to, he said

– The border guard is there to prevent the intruder from breaking through. For this purpose, it chooses appropriate means to stop this intruder. First she warns him, then she shoots in the air, and then she shoots the intruder if necessary. This is what serious border protection is all about, he explained. He emphasized that “no serious country allows intruders to enter” its borders.

The host asked the Confederate politician whether, if he were the Minister of Interior, he would order to shoot migrants on the Polish-Belarusian border. – If necessary, yes. If necessary, including shooting. Of course, this is a last resort, he replied.

When asked if he would make the same decisions regarding women and children, he said: – Why should women be excluded… There is equal rights, if a woman breaks the law, she should be treated like a man.

Main photo source: Jarek Praszkiewicz/PAP

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