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European Parliament elections 2024. Forecast of the distribution of seats in the EP. The latest projection

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From the same studio estimates it can be concluded that frequency in the European Parliament elections was 39.7%. on a nationwide scale.

Exit poll Ipsos for Polsat, TVN and TVP

Turnout 39.7%

Non-partisan local government officials

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Thus, KO will most likely be introduced to the European Parliament 21 MPs, PiS 19Confederation sixThe Third Way fourand the Left three people. In total, he will represent Poland in the European Parliament 53 politicians.

European Parliament elections 2024. Poll results. Distribution of power in the new EP

However, there are all MEPs 720. They create individual formations in the European Parliament – what “voting power” they will have them in the upcoming new term?

According to a forecast prepared by the Verian center, most seats will go to politicians declaring affiliation to European People's Party – the oldest and largest faction, which includes, among others, head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyenas well as Polish MEPs from the Civic Coalition or PSL.

In this case we are talking about 186 mandatach (nine more than in the 2019-24 term).

Results of the European Parliament elections 2024

Socialists and Democrats (S&D) will most likely get 133 seats (seven less), and the Renew Europe formation 82 (20 less). The fourth force in the EP will most likely be the group of European Conservatives and Reformists, to which PiS belongs. It will go to the party 70 seats in the European Parliament (two more).

According to the forecast, far-right Identity and Democracy will win 60 seats (one more), Greens 53 (19 fewer than in the expiring term), a Left 36 (one less).

Other committees will introduce a total of 100 deputies to the EP, including both unaffiliated politicians and those newly elected who they don't belong currently to any of the political groups working in the EP in 2019-24.

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“The path to victory is open.” Kaczyński comments on the preliminary results of the European Parliament elections/Polsat News/Polsat News

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