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European Parliament elections 2024. Szymon Hołownia: Trzecia Droga has a closed list of candidates. We'll show it tomorrow

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The list of Third Way candidates for the European Parliament is already closed – confirmed the Speaker of the Sejm, Szymon Hołownia, in “Kropka nad i”. He said that the names would be presented on Tuesday morning. He also announced that no minister or constitutional minister from Poland 2050 will run for the European Parliament.

The Speaker of the Sejm and one of the leaders of the Third Way (leader of Poland 2050), Szymon Hołownia, was asked in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 whether the Third Way already has a “closed” list of candidates for the European Parliament. – Yes, it does. Tomorrow we will show it at 9 a.m. – he announced.

In this context, Hołownia was asked about Senator Wadim Tyszkiewicz from the Independent and Self-Government group, who, according to reports, was considering running from the TD list. – We wanted Wadim Tyszkiewicz to be present. He actually wondered a bit. There would have been a place for him, but he ultimately resigned, he said.

On Monday, the head of the Polska 2050-Trzeciej Droga club, Mirosław Suchoń, also announced the decision to run for the European Parliament. He was supposed to be number one in Silesia, but in the evening he wrote on platform X: “I have decided not to run in the elections to the European Parliament from position 1.”

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“Thanks to the trust of my colleagues, I became the head of the Poland 2050-Third Way Parliamentary Club. Together we started working on many good projects. The things we started must be finished. That's why I'm staying,” he wrote.

“Signatures are collected”

Hołownia admitted that the presentation of the names was supposed to take place today, but a “big event” took place that day. – Our Third Way family has grown because a son was born to Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz – he said. – We were supposed to have a conference today, we have it tomorrow. We will, of course, start with some decent champagne, he added.

The Marshal said that Trzecia Droga will field 130 candidates. – The signatures are collected, so we are also safe from this side. We will register the letters, hopefully tomorrow, he said. He also said that no minister or constitutional minister from Poland 2050 will run for the European Parliament.

He admitted that the situation was different in the case of the Polish People's Party. The Minister of Development and Technology Krzysztof Hetman officially confirmed at the conference that he will become the leader of the Third Way list in Greater Poland.

As Hołownia pointed out, “this was the agreement, as far as I know, between Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz and Krzysztof Hetman.” – Gentlemen, we agreed that (Hetman – ed.) will do the first stage, the first lap here, and then return to the European stage. We agreed differently with our ministers. We agreed that once they join, they will stay for four years, he noted.

Responsibility of previous rulers. “They had an arrangement”

Hołownia also commented on media information about Orlen's cooperation with a man who – according to reports – is suspected of contacts with Hezbollah. This is about the former president of Orlen Trading Switzerland (OTS), Samer A from Lebanon.

The services and the company's internal unit were supposed to warn the former president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, against this cooperation, but their reservations were ignored. Onet's information also shows that after the official establishment of OTS, a warning letter also reached the desks of the most important people in the country: the Prime Minister, ministers and heads of secret services.

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According to Hołownia, “there are two things” in this case. – First of all, it's how Orlen was managed – he said. – And the second thing is how the issue of holding accountable those who committed various types of embezzlement or who we suspect may have misappropriated funds is progressing – he pointed out.

– However, as far as the overall picture is concerned, I believe that we should conclude as quickly as possible. Therefore, if an accusation appears in public space, the charges should be brought quickly and the entire justice procedure should be implemented without delay. Because we have – sorry, I'll say it straight – more important things that people expect from us – he said.

>> Tomasz Siemoniak: there are six investigations, if I were Obajtek, I would be at the prosecutor's disposal <<

Hołownia: if an accusation appears in public space, there should be accusations quicklyTVN24

According to Hołownia, members of the previous ruling team did not respond to the services' warnings against the former president of OTS “because they had a certain arrangement, which was internal and in which they had their way with each other, in which each needed the other to pump money in various ways.” – It was a somewhat self-sufficient and closed system – he said.

He also referred to the fact that now Daniel Obajtek – but also Mariusz Kamiński and Maciej Wąsik, who managed the secret services and who were legally sentenced to prison, although later pardoned by the president – are to fight for a mandate to the European Parliament from the PiS list.

– They have no shame now to be at the head of the electoral rolls after everything that happened. It's just a lack of shame. They think these are safekeeping lists, not electoral rolls. It's not like that. Immunity in the European Parliament works completely differently, said Hołownia.

Hołownia: these are the most important elections since we joined the European Union

Hołownia, speaking about the June elections, said that “these are certainly the most important elections to the European Parliament since we have been in the European Union.” – We all look at these elections with great concern, regardless of the country. We are all afraid that this time the majority may hang on to individual seats. There will definitely be a reshuffle, he said.

– Everyone is biting their fingers in Europe, because everyone knows that Europe has entered one of the most difficult, critical corners practically since its foundation. And now it will have to be our collective responsibility to get through it. In Poland, this is somewhat facilitated by the electoral system, because these are elections in which there is basically one constituency with 53 seats – he continued.

Hołownia: these are the most important elections since we joined the European Union

Hołownia: these are the most important elections since we joined the European UnionTVN24

Hołownia noted that “today Poland's place is at the main table of talks in the European Union.” In his opinion, “looking for enemies now in the Germans, the French, the Spanish, anyone else is an aberration.” – We have one enemy today, we have one enemy today and he should be clearly defined and clearly defined, and we should be together in the face of this threat, building our armed forces, building our economy, implementing common contracts and becoming even more friends with each other – he added Marshal of the Sejm.

– We have to go to these elections, the future of Europe, our future, the future of our children depends on them, and every vote in these elections is worth its weight in gold – emphasized the guest of “Kropka nad i”.

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