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European Parliament elections 2024. The Dutch have already started voting

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European Parliament elections 2024: time to start. The Dutch went to the polls on June 6, and in Poland the vote will take place on June 9. In the Netherlands, this is the tenth European election, for Poland it will be only the fifth. The leader of the far-right Freedom Party, Geert Wilders, wants to strengthen the role of the European Parliament in order to take power away from other European institutions. Last year, his party won the Dutch parliamentary elections.

The Dutch elections to the European Parliament have already started. The Netherlands was one of the six countries that founded European communities after World War II, so the Dutch have elected their MEPs nine times so far.

– In my opinion, everyone should exercise their right to vote. Even if you vote for someone I don't support, you should still go. It's your privilege. Take advantage of it, appeals Eileen Limburg, a student from The Hague.

How many seats a country has in the European Parliament depends on its population. The Dutch elect 31 of their representatives – five more than in the previous term.

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Geert Wilders wants to strengthen the role of the European Parliament

One of the first voters to arrive at the polling station this morning was Geert Wilders – the most famous representative of the Dutch far right. Half a year ago, his Freedom Party won the national parliamentary elections and Wilders would now like to repeat this success.

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– The difference in the polls between the Social Democrats and the Greens and my party, the Freedom Party, is small. The big question is: who will win the majority? Will we be able to create a larger coalition in the EU? Will we take power and finally regain control over our own country? – asks Geert Wilders, leader of the far-right Freedom Party.

Wilders calls for strengthening the role of the European Parliament, but only to weaken the role of other EU institutions with the votes of his future MEPs.

In the Netherlands, his main opponent is Frans Timmermans, the leader of the Social Democrats.

– I just cast my vote. More than ever before, Europe needs security. We must fight for freedom for all. We must fight the climate catastrophe. Choose green Europe, social Europe! – calls Frans Timmermans.

For the Dutch, as for many other Europeans, the most important issues, apart from immigration, are security and the economy. They also very often mention the threats related to the climate catastrophe.

The European Parliament elections are the second largest vote in the world

– I am worried about the future of my children and grandchildren and what is happening to our planet. I hope that the assumptions of the Green Deal will be implemented. We certainly need an energy and economic transformation so that our planet can withstand it. And also safety. What is happening in Ukraine has shown us that war is possible at any time, says Marten van den Berg, a government employee.

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– What are the most important issues? In my opinion, the most important thing is the security of Europe. Peace on our continent, said Judith Klokkenberg, a resident of The Hague.

The European Parliament elections are the second largest democratic vote in the world, after the elections in India. After the Dutch, the Irish and residents of Malta, Latvia and Slovakia will vote. In some countries, voting will take several days. Most countries, including Poland, decided to organize elections on one day – on Sunday, June 9.

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