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European Parliament elections 2024. The support of President Jarosław Kaczysi did not guarantee success

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Jacek Kurski, prof. Karol Karski, Joanna Lichocka, Anna Fotyga, Ryszard Czarnecki and Jacek Saryusz-Wolski. What do these names have in common? All of them ran for a seat in the European Parliament, all of them – without exception – were personally supported by Jarosław Kaczyński during the campaign and all of them lost the fight for the mandate. However, the “number ones” of Law and Justice – Mariusz Kamiński, Maciej Wąsik and Daniel Obajtek – can be happy with the results.

Poll election results. Special service tvn24.pl

Professor Karol Karski, the “two” of Law and Justice in the European Parliament elections in Podlasie, received the greatest possible support within his party. President Jarosław Kaczyński stood next to him at the castle in Niedzica and encouraged him to vote for the candidate. According to the late poll results (taking into account 50% of the votes counted by the National Electoral Commission) prepared by Ipsos – without success. According to pollsters, the candidate must forget about the mandate of an MEP. However, he is not the only person whose support from Jarosław Kaczyński failed to turn into success.

Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, a veteran member of the European Parliament, cannot be satisfied with Sunday's vote either. The politician started from second place on the PiS list in the Lublin region. He has been a member of the European Parliament continuously since the first “Polish” term in 2004 – until now.

The warm words spoken by Jarosław Kaczyński during the PiS convention in Warsaw did not protect him from defeat: – Jacek Saryusz-Wolski is our candidate for commissioner in the European Union; he is a competent person, has a very strong character and a strong temperament – argued the president. According to the survey results – to no avail.

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Joanna Lichocka is also outside the European Parliament

President Jarosław Kaczyński was also actively involved in Joanna Lichocka's campaign. In Sieradz, the former prime minister praised the candidate who – as he emphasized – was “trustworthy”:

– There (in the European Parliament – ed.) we need fighting people, consistent people, people who have been representing the same course for many years. Broadly speaking, a pro-Polish course – said the PiS president, and a moment later he took a photo with the candidate – while holding her election poster in his hands.

The party's support did not help here either – the Ipsos pollster does not give the candidate running from the 6th constituency (including the Łódź Voivodeship) any chance of electoral success.

Badge without power

Ryszard Czarnecki was also supported by the head of Law and Justice. Jarosław Kaczyński showed up during the campaign with a badge saying “I support Czarnecki”. According to the late poll results, there were no votes from voters to win the seat.

– We need to consider why there is such a result and not another one. Why didn't we win, even though we were counting on it – said Ryszard Czarnecki, clearly disappointed, at the Law and Justice headquarters after the elections.

Jarosław Kaczyński also supported Anna Zalewska and Anne Fotyga. Several dozen hours before the election silence, he encouraged people to support both candidates:

– I would especially like to improve the qualifications, energy and courage of these ladies who have a beautiful name – said the PiS president. According to the Ipsos late poll, Anna Zalewska won the seat (in Lower Silesia), but Anna Fotyga (in Pomerania) did not.

Similarly as in the case of Jacek Kurski, who ran for the mandate from the second place on the Masovian party list.

– I know that some people liked Telewizja Polska and others didn't, but no one will deny that it was of great importance in our victories – said the party president during an election meeting with the residents of Klwatka Królewska.

However, while – according to the survey results – Jacek Kurski and the television he runs contributed to the party's success, the support of President Kaczyński did not bring such an effect. Ultimately, the politician and former head of TVP – according to the late poll – had to forget about the MEP's mandate.

“Unruly” voters of PiS and Confederation. They rejected some “ones”

It wasn't always the kiss of death

It must be said, however, that the support of the president of Law and Justice did not always mean an electoral fiasco.

– There are unique people, and Małgorzata Gosiewska is one of them – said Jarosław Kaczyński in the election spot of the PiS candidate. He assured in the recording that he would personally support the “number one” of the party in the Warsaw district.

Did it help? Probably yes. According to Ipsos, the current PiS MP has a chance to get into the European Parliament.

During the campaign, Jarosław Kaczyński also expressed support for, among others, Adam Bielan and Beata Szydło. They can both now celebrate their success.

It will also be in the European Parliament place for Mariusz Kamiński, Maciej Wąsik and Daniel Obajtek. They all got “ones” on the party lists, which could not have happened without the president's consent. Respectively in district 8 (Lubusz Voivodeship), 3 (Podlaskie Voivodeship and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship) and district number 9 (Podkarpackie Voivodeship).

The president didn't always help either

The “one” of Law and Justice in Greater Poland was Wojciech Kolarski. He – as Kamil Dziubka from “Onet” pointed out – was supported by President Andrzej Duda. According to Ipsos – with a similar result as Jarosław Kaczyński supported Jacek Kurski, Joanna Lichocka or Małgorzata Gosiewska.

“PAD (President Andrzej Duda – ed.) put all his authority on the line during Wojciech Kolarski's campaign. He was in Greater Poland at least 4 times in a month, appeared with him on billboards and at meetings, and even went to Ostrów Wielkopolski to vote. Everything is like blood in the sand,” wrote the journalist.

Main photo source: TVN24

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