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European Parliament elections 2024. Who won the European Parliament elections – late poll results

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Who won the European Parliament elections? The latest late poll results from Ipsos show that the Civic Coalition won the most votes – 37.4 percent. Law and Justice won 35.9 percent of the votes, Confederation – 12 percent, Third Way – 6.9 percent, Left – 6.6 percent. The turnout was 40.20 percent.

Poll election results. Special service tvn24.pl

The results of the late poll of the 2024 European Parliament elections, which were announced after 3:00 a.m.:

Civic Coalition – 37.4 percent
Law and Justice – 35.9 percent
Confederation – 12.0 percent
Third Way – 6.9 percent
Left – 6.6 percent
Non-partisan Local Government People – Normal Poland in Normal Europe – 0.8 percent
Polexit – 0.3 percent Other committees – 0.1 percent.

Division into seats according to the late poll:

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Civic Coalition – 21
Law and Justice – 20
Confederation – 6
Third Way – 3
Left – 3.

Frequency in the elections was according to the late poll 40.20 percent.

Previous exit poll results

Earlier, just after the end of the election silence, i.e. after 9 p.m., the exit poll results were announced. They indicated a more decisive victory for the Civic Coalition. According to those results, KO won 38.2 percent of the votes, and Law and Justice – 33.9 percent of the votes.

Division into seats according to the exit poll:

Civic Coalition – 21
Law and Justice – 19
Confederation – 6
Third Way – 4
Left – 3.

European Parliament elections 2024

In this year's European Parliament elections in Poland we elected 53 MEPsone more than before.

Electoral lists were issued by a total of 11 committees, of which 7 registered candidates in all 13 districts. The candidates from the list no. 1 in the EP elections were Trzecia Droga, from no. 2 Konfederacja, from no. 3 Niepartyjni Samorządowcy, from no. 4 Polexit, from no. 5 Civic Coalition, from no. 6 Left, from no. 7 Law and Justice.

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In the European Parliament elections, there was no fixed number of seats assigned to a district. This number will be determined after the elections.

First, votes for specific electoral committees are counted on a national scale and those committees that do not exceed the 5% threshold are screened out (according to the Electoral Code, the 5% threshold also applies to coalition committees in EP elections).

The mandates are divided among the remaining committees nationwide.

Only after determining the number of seats allocated to individual committees are they distributed among the individual lists of these committees in the districts, and the seats are awarded to the candidates who received the highest number of votes on a given list.

Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymański

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