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European Parliament elections. Asset declarations of MEPs

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Savings, real estate, shares and cars were included in the asset declarations of MEPs prepared at the end of the term of office of the European Parliament. The documents were published on the Sejm website.

The European Parliament elections will take place on June 9. Due to the end of the 2019-2024 term, 52 Polish MEPs had to submit asset declarations.

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Big savings, numerous apartments

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Among the richest Polish MEPs is Karol Karski (PIS). According to the published declaration of assets, the MEP and his wife, with whom he is in marital property, have PLN 3.6 million in Polish currency and PLN 1.4 million in euros (almost PLN 6 million at the current exchange rate), approximately 306,000 francs (approx. PLN 1.3 million), USD 74 thousand (almost PLN 289 thousand). The Karskis' savings in pounds are much more modest – the MEP wrote that he had only three of them. In total, the savings exceed PLN 11 million.

Karol Karski does not hold any securities. However, in the “other” column he entered the “purchase value of the capital life insurance contract” worth approximately PLN 211,000 and the funds collected under Employee Capital Plans amounting to PLN 32,000.

The Karskis have a summer house with an area of ​​42 square meters on a plot of 1,800 square meters. The MEP estimated its value at PLN 70,000.

The married couple also has a cooperative ownership right to a residential premises, a studio apartment with an area of ​​24 square meters, worth PLN 200,000. The next cooperative apartment is twice as large – its area is 48 square meters. The MEP valued the property at PLN 400,000. He valued another, much smaller cooperative apartment, with an area of ​​27 square meters, at PLN 210,000.

The next Karski apartments with ownership rights are worth PLN 800,000 (100 sq m) and PLN 820,000 (62 sq m). The most expensive is the largest apartment with an area of ​​227 sq m. In a statement, Karski wrote that it was worth PLN 2.7 million.

In the section “movable property worth over PLN 10,000”, Karol Karski entered “a legal scientific book collection” as well as a Peugeot Partner car from 2009.


Political friend of Karol Karski, Ryszard Czarnecki, in Polish currency he collected over 107 thousand. zloty. However, the PiS representative also has savings in other currencies: in euro – PLN 276,000. (PLN 1.2 million) and in dollars – 10,003 (PLN 39 thousand).

Ryszard Czarnecki also holds shares of Modern Commerce SA worth PLN 78,361.

The PiS MEP is a co-owner, together with his wife, of several properties. This includes a summer house with an area of ​​90 sq m. worth PLN 220,000, apartments – with an area of ​​80 sq m. (valued by the politician at PLN 800,000), with an area of ​​126 sq m. (PLN 2.6 million) and with an area of ​​120 sq m. (EUR 210 thousand, PLN 893 thousand).

Ryszard Czarnecki also has a 2018 Land Rover Velar worth PLN 200,000.


A house worth PLN 4 million

In turn, according to the declaration of assets of an MEP from the European Coalition and a former football player, among others: Wisła Kraków and Jagiellonia Białystok Tomasz Frankowski shows that in terms of financial resources, it has 8 thousand. PLN and 6 thousand euro (PLN 25,000) savings and “various policies” in the amount of PLN 350,000. zloty.

Frankowski also showed real estate, including a house with an area of ​​430 square meters with an estimated value of approximately PLN 4 million (marital community).

Attached is a list of premises owned (marital property) by the former Polish representative. The MEP mentioned 10 items:

– three commercial premises with an area of ​​100 square meters and two premises with an area of 60 sq m – their value is approximately PLN 600,000. PLN 350 thousand PLN and 350 thousand zloty; – four residential premises with a total value of approximately PLN 2.2 million (62 sq m, 140 sq m, 90 sq m and 45 sq m); – house with an area of ​​350 sq m. with an estimated value of PLN 2 million; – plots worth PLN 500,000 PLN (approx. 4 thousand sq m); – commercial and service building valued at approximately PLN 4 million (600 sq m).

The MEP also contributed to participation in the company Tofra-Invest T. Frankowski sp.k. – PLN 2,020,000, of which he achieved revenue of PLN 430,093 and income amounted to PLN 186,606. Frankowski also owns 10,620 PGE shares.

In his declaration of assets, he also wrote that he owns three cars: Audi A3, BMW X5 and Mercedes C300, and watches: Cartier and Omega.


Former head of the European Parliament, Jerzy Buzek, announced that this is his last term in the European Parliament. Five years ago, the former Polish prime minister became an MEP, running from the lists of the European Coalition.

Jerzy Buzek's recently published declaration of assets shows that he has PLN 17,500. PLN and 151 thousand euro (PLN 650,000) savings. In the document, he also listed apartments: 89-meter apartments worth PLN 1.5 million and 29-meter apartments worth PLN 650,000. zloty.

Buzek has a Renault Laguna car and a Tag Heuer watch.


A watch worth PLN 33,000. zloty

Marek Belka from the European Coalition said he had savings of PLN 235,000. PLN 378 thousand euro and 95 thousand hole. The MEP also has securities worth approximately PLN 600,000. zloty. The document shows that the total amount of cash resources is PLN 2.84 million.

In a statement, Belka wrote that he had a 305-meter house worth PLN 1.2 million (co-owned with his wife) and a 66-meter apartment worth PLN 503,000. PLN (purchase price/co-ownership with the spouse).

He stated that he runs a business – a consulting company, from which he generated income of PLN 122,000. PLN and is a member of the supervisory board of Pelion SA and VIG Polska, which brought him PLN 231,504.66 of income. He also wrote that he had a watch worth PLN 33,000. zloty.


In turn, from the asset declaration Robert Biedroń, who got into the European Parliament from Wiosna's list, shows that he has accumulated savings of PLN 5,523.42 and PLN 227,000. euro (almost PLN 1 million).

The co-chairman of Nowa Lewica announced that he has ownership rights in four apartments:

– 40.80 sq m worth PLN 210,000 PLN with ownership rights to 1/2 of the premises; – 40.84 sq m worth PLN 330,000 PLN with ownership rights to 3/5 of the premises; – 46.60 sq m worth PLN 355 thousand PLN with ownership rights to 1/2 of the premises; – 96.67 sq m worth PLN 1.99 million with ownership rights to 1/2 of the premises.

The former president of Słupsk has a Volkswagen Tiguan from 2019 worth approx. PLN 70,000. zloty.


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