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European Parliament elections. “Earthquake” and “right-wing avalanche” after the announcement of the results

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The left-wing “La Repubblica” writes about the “right-wing avalanche” and the “earthquake” in Francewhere the National Union won Marine Le Pen.

Also referring to the second place of the far-right Alternative for German the Roman daily emphasizes: “the sovereignist banner flies in Paris and Berlin“.

“You have to hope that After this alarm signal, citizens will take their history into their own hands again“- adds the newspaper's commentator.

Additionally, he emphasizes that, even though the right wing is “moving forward”, the European alliance Party The People's Party and the Socialists retain their majority in the European Parliament and rule out an agreement with Prime Minister Meloni's Italian Brothers party.

European Parliament elections 2024. Results

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Although the right and the extreme right are growing stronger“the blue banners of the European People's Party prevail in the EU”, which prompted the president European Commission Ursula von der Leyen to announce victory – notes “Corriere della Sera”.

“La Stampa” announces in its front-page headline: “Meloni and Le Pen win“.

Describing the post-election situation in the EU, he sums up: “so-called trenches most of Ursula managed to resist“. She quoted the words of the head of the European Commission, who declared: “We will be a bastion against extremists from the right and left.”

In the commentary on the victory of the head of the government's party, the Italian Brothers, it is emphasized that the cabinet in Rome will now be even stronger.

Election results. Georgi Meloni triumphs in Italy

“Il Messaggero” puts the same emphasis, assessing that “Meloni has become stronger“She points out that her party achieved a better result than in the parliamentary elections a year and a half ago.

He also notes an increase in support for the center-left opposition Democratic Party directed by Elly Schlein. This party received approximately 24 percent of the votes and is in second place.

The pro-government “Il Giornale” sums up the result in Italy in its headline: “The government got a good rating.” As he states, Giorgia Meloni is one of the few heads of government who managed to achieve a good result and hold position.

“escape from the ballot box”. Shockingly low turnout in the European Parliament elections

A columnist for this newspaper wrote about the lesson that, in his opinion, flows from the Italian elections also abroad: “there is a democratic and credible right that is deemed capable of governing in such a difficult moment in which we live“.

Newspapers draw attention to the record low turnout in the European elections in Italy: 49.6 percent. The comments point to the phenomenon “escaping from the ballot boxes“, especially in the south of the country.

The press notes that the mandate of MEPs was won by, among others: teacher Ilaria Salis, elected from the leftist list, who is under house arrest in Hungary and tried there as accused of participating in the attack on two neo-Nazis in Budapest, as well as a candidate of the right-wing League – army general Roberto Vannacci, sharply criticized for xenophobic and homophobic statements.

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European Parliament elections. Poles in Germany: “important elections”./German wave/German wave

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