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European Parliament elections. He had more votes than Kurski. Who is Daniel George Milewski?

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Daniel Milewski ran from the last 10th place on the Law and Justice list in the elections to the European Parliament in Mazovia. Although 50,592 votes were not enough to win the mandate, the politician can call it a great success. Over 18,000 more people voted for him than for the much more experienced and recognizable Jacek Kurski.

Daniel George Milewski is an MP from Law and Justice. In the last parliamentary elections, he ran in Masovia from district 5 (part of the Masovian Voivodeship without Warsaw) and obtained 44,145 votes, which gave him a parliamentary mandate. At that time, he also ran from the last position – 24th on the list.


Milewski lives in Mińsk Mazowiecki, but was born in Chicago, where his parents emigrated at the turn of the 1970s and 1980s (hence his second name). He returned to Poland with them as a child in the 1990s.

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He is 34 years old. As a teenager, he took part in the Children and Youth Parliament. He graduated in law from the University of Warsaw, where he also obtained a doctorate in law. He is a lawyer, but also an academic lecturer.

He has been associated with the Sejm since 2015, when he successfully ran in the Siedlce constituency from the 24th (also last) place. He obtained 13,302 votes and was elected as an MP of the 8th term. He has a wife and two children.

Deputy head of the commission for the visa scandal

In December 2023, he was appointed deputy head of the investigative commission into the visa scandal. Its members investigate abuses, negligence and omissions in the legalization of the stay of foreigners in Poland in the period from November 12, 2019 to November 20, 2023.

Tension during Kaczyński's interrogationTVN24

At the last meeting of the committee, at which testimonies included, among others, PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński, Milewski announced that he and the other PiS MP sitting on the committee – Piotr Kaleta, would submit amendments to the work report and submit a dissenting opinion. He emphasized that PiS MPs have prepared a “white book” of violations, negligence and omissions in the work of the committee, which refers, among others, to: to the way of carrying out work, which – in his opinion – violates all standards provided for in the regulations. He added that one of the commission's greatest omissions was not hearing all the witnesses the commission wanted to call.

He expressed hope that after the elections to the European Parliament, “when the election dust settles”, the politicians of the ruling coalition “will come to their senses and admit that they used the visa lie.”

Kurski – second at the start, sixth at the finish

In the elections to the European Parliament in the Masovian Voivodeship, excluding Warsaw and the surrounding area, Law and Justice achieved the best result – 49.17%. The second was the Civic Coalition – 23.81 percent, and the third was the Confederation – 12.94 percent. Next came: Trzecia Droga – 9.10 percent. and Left – 3.25 percent

90,690 people voted for the leader of the PiS list, Adam Bielan. Jacek Ozdoba, who started from the fifth place on the same list, was supported by 54,327 people. Maria Koc (number 3) won 46,147 votes, and Anna Kwiecień (number 4) – 33,916 votes. “Two” on the list, the former head of TVP, Jacek Kurski, received only 32,222 votes, obtaining the sixth result.

50,592 votes cast for Daniel Milewski did not give him a mandate as an MEP, but he was 3,736 votes short of overtaking Jacek Ozdoba.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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