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European Parliament elections. PiS wants changes in the EP. The media reveals the plan

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Currently, European Conservatives and Reformists apart from PiS include, among others: Italian brothers premier Giorgio MeloniCzech ODS of Prime Minister Petr Fialithe Spanish opposition party VOX or a supportive government in Stockholm Swedish Democrats.

According to the Italian agency – apart from establishing closer cooperation with the Hungarian formation – PiS also plans to send an invitation to Marine Le Penleader of the French far-right party National Union (RN).

Sources in Law and Justice indicate that one of the goals of these activities is EKR extension on the parties that will vote after the June elections will enter the European Parliament for the first time.

ANSA notes that politicians of the Polish party also consider the connection to be certain Portuguese party Cheganow part of the group Identity and Democracy (ID). ID also includes Matteo Salvini's Italian League – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport in the government of Giorgia Meloni.

However, PiS is to have an alternative if this strategy fails. In such a situation, the Polish right does not rule out joining a new group with its participation RN, Loyalty and Leaguebut without Italian Brothers and Alternative for Germany (AfD).

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The latter stayed recently excluded from ID for the statement of her MEP, which was considered to justify the criminal actions German formations from World War II.

European Parliament elections. The National Union “sees room for cooperation” with PiS

When asked about differences in approach to… support UkrainyJean-Paul Garraud replied that his party “has always condemned Russian aggression”. – We even voted for legislation allowing sending to Ukrainy defensive weapons – he added.

– I think everyone is starting to understand that we are not extremists, that we are democrats, that we stand for European Unionbut not for the Union as it stands Ursula von der Leyen – he said. – I think that PiS also realized that, contrary to the pushed narrative that presented us as pro-Russian, We do not present such a position at all – said the French politician.

Mirosława Nykiel: The campaign is a festival of promises/RMF24.pl/RMF

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