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European Parliament elections, results in Warsaw

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In the district covering Warsaw and surrounding towns, KO won 44.46 percent. votes in Sunday's elections to the European Parliament, PiS – 24.82 percent, Confederation – 11.96 percent, Left – 10.41 percent, Third Droga – 7.06 percent. – according to data from the National Electoral Commission. Marcin Kierwiński from KO won the most votes. The former mayor of Warsaw, Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz (KO), did not win the mandate, and the former candidate for this position – Tobiasz Bocheński from PiS – can count on him.

Data from district no. 4, covering Warsaw and surrounding counties, were published on the National Electoral Commission's website on Monday before 6 am.


The most votes for KO, second place for PiS

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As we read, in this district 1,304,638 out of 2,326,513 eligible voters went to the polls, which resulted in turnout 56.30 percent. KO won the election in this district, with 44.46% of votes cast. voters, i.e. 579,994 people. In second place was PiS, which won 24.82 percent. support, i.e. 323,868 votes. Next came Konfederacja, which gathered 11.96 percent. support – 156,067 votes.

The next place was taken by the Left, supported by 10.41 percent. voters, i.e. 135,755 people. 7.06 percent voters voted for Third Way, which translates into 92,111 votes. 1.06%, i.e. 13,797 people voted for the Nonpartisan Local Government.

Next came “Polexit” with support of 0.23%. – 3046 votes.

Three candidates won over 100,000 votes

The best results – over 100,000 votes – were achieved by three candidates from the KO list: its leader Marcin Kierwińskiwho got 143,179 votes, starting from third place Kamila Gasiuk-Pihowicz with a result of 136,811 votes and Michał Szczerba, starting from fifth place, who received 120,667 votes. Next came “two” on the KO list, i.e. the former president of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz with the support of 94,474 votes.

Apart from the three candidates from KO, she was the only one who received a result exceeding 100,000 Ewa Zajączkowska-Hernik, number two on the Confederation's list. She overtook the leader of the list, Krystian Kamiński – she got 102,569 votes, while Kamiński got 34,428 votes.

When it comes to PiS candidates, the best results were achieved by the first three names on the list – the leader of the list Małgorzata Gosiewska she got 99,286 votes, second Tobiasz Bocheński received 95,880 votes, and Sebastian Kaleta was third – 80,778.

Among the Third Way and Left candidates, the best results were achieved by the list leaders, respectively Michael Kobosko with the support of 39,170 voters i Robert Biedroń with the support of 65,869 voters.

Warsaw and the surrounding area – who enters the European Parliament?

The National Electoral Commission has not yet confirmed who won the seat, but the Ipsos late poll shows that the following people will get into the European Parliament: Marcin Kierwiński and Kamila Gasiuk Pichowicz from KO, Tobiasz Bocheński from PiS and Robert Biedroń from the Left. The following also have a chance for a mandate: Michał Szczerba from KO, Małgorzata Gosiewska from PiS, Ewa Zajączkowska-Hernik from Konfederacja and Michał Kobosko from Trzecia Droga.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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