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European Parliament elections. The premises are now open

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In Poland, voting in the European Parliament elections began on Sunday at 7 a.m. To cast a valid vote in the European Parliament elections, you must put an X in the box next to the name of one candidate on the ballot. Election silence lasts until the end of voting at 9 p.m.

Voters can check their voting location, among others: in the Central Register of Voters, via the gov.pl website (in the “your data” tab).

You must bring a photo ID to the polling station. The document will allow you to find a voter on the list and allow him to vote. If a voter uses a certificate of voting rights, the commission will add him or her to the voters' list.

Voters will receive a one-page ballot with lists of candidates registered in a given constituency (in the order of the numbers drawn). Each list will contain five to 10 candidate names. At the bottom of each card there will be information about how to vote.

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The ballot card will have the seal of the district electoral commission and a printout of the seal of the district electoral commission on the front side – a card without a seal is invalid. The upper right corner of the card will be cut off – this is to make it easier for voters to vote using Braille overlays.

Ballot box. Illustrative photo Bartosz Jankowski/PAP

To cast a valid vote, enter an X in the box to the left of the selected candidate's name. A vote is considered invalid if the voter does not put an X in any of the boxes or votes for more than one person.

You may not take ballot papers outside the polling station or give them to anyone. The penal provisions of the Electoral Code state that such conduct may result in a fine, restriction of liberty or even imprisonment for up to 2 years. A complete ballot must be placed in the ballot box. A card, part of which has been torn off and not thrown in or thrown in separately, will be considered invalid.

In this year's elections We will elect 53 MEPs to the European Parliament in Poland, one more than previously.

Electoral lists were issued by a total of 11 committees, of which 7 registered candidates in all 13 districts. Trzecia Droga is running from list No. 1 in the European Parliament elections, and from No. 2 Confederationfrom No. 3 Nonpartyjni SamorzÄ…dowcy, from No. 4 Polexit, from No. 5 Civic Coalition, from No. 6 Lewica, from No. 7 Law and Justice.

In European Parliament elections, there is no fixed number of seats assigned to a district. This number will be determined only after the elections are over. First, votes for specific electoral committees are counted on a national scale and those committees that do not exceed 5% are eliminated. threshold (according to the Electoral Code, the 5% threshold also applies to coalition committees in EP elections). The mandates are divided among the remaining committees nationwide. Only after determining the number of seats allocated to individual committees are they distributed among the individual lists of these committees in the districts, and the seats are awarded to the candidates who received the highest number of votes on a given list.

Main photo source: Bartosz Jankowski/PAP

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