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European Parliament elections. Third Way about its priorities

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Third Way leaders Szymon Hołownia and Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz presented their group's priorities for the European Parliament elections. – We want to be in the European Union, we want to co-create it, we want to build it, we want to develop it – emphasized the Marshal of the Sejm.

Marshal of the Sejm Szymon Hołownia he said that “The Third Way is a pragmatic path to Europe.” – We are not cowards who want to escape from Europe because we don't like it. We are not those who say that everything in Europe works great, best and as it should be – noted the head of Poland 2050.

– We are pragmatic, so we say “no” to solutions that go against the expectations of countries such as Poland, our sensitivity, our way of functioning in this part of the world where we are. But we are not turning our backs on Europe, just the opposite. We want to be in it, we want to co-create it, we want to build it, we want to develop it, he emphasized.

As he said, the priorities of candidates and perhaps Third Way MEPs “will be Poland's security and economic development.” – These are two things that we owe to Poles today – he said.

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– Today, together with Władek, we will present to you our obligations, our guarantees with which we are going to Europe, it is worth voting for the Third Way, because we are opening the Polish parliament, and I believe that also the European parliament, to various views and worldviews – he argued.

Kosiniak-Kamysz: we are carrying a message of security and development

Władysław Kosiniak-Kamyszpresident PSL and Minister of Defense, pointed out that “discussion, debate, dialogue are the most important essence of democracy, and when we lose it, lose it somewhere, forget about it somewhere, everything else makes no sense.”

– Democracy does not exist without discussion, democracy does not exist without dialogue. This is a connected vessel that can only function effectively – added the leader of the People's Party.

– That is why we are going to Europe together, we are going as the Third Way, we are going with the message of security and development, because that is why it was created European Unionso that there will be no more wars in Europe and that European countries will develop evenly, he added.

Guarantees and obligations of the Third Way

Third Way leaders presented the main guarantees and commitments of the Third Way when it comes to European affairs.

They mentioned:
– Europe capable and ready to defend its borders, – Polish nuclear energy, as a source of clean and cheap energy, – Green deal to be improved, – Actions for agriculture and the Polish countryside, equal opportunities for Polish farmers in Europe, – Ensuring health safety and equality all countries, – Europe and Poland digitally competitive.

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