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European Parliament elections. Voting outside the place of residence – until when

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Only until Thursday, June 6, you can submit applications for a voting certificate enabling you to vote in the European Parliament elections at any polling station of your choice. The deadline for requesting a one-time change of voting location expires on the same day.

Elections to the European Parliament this Sunday – June 9. By default, Polish voters will be able to take part in them in the place where they are registered for permanent residence. There they will be automatically added to the voter roll. But what if on the day elections Are they planning a trip or living in a different place every day? They can then use one of two options to change their voting location. However, there is little time left to complete the formalities related to the trim.

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European Parliament elections. Voting rights certificates will be issued by June 6

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The first option to take part in elections outside your permanent place of residence is to obtain a certificate of voting rights. This allows you to vote at any polling station in the country, abroad or on a Polish ship. Applications for issuing a certificate will be accepted until Thursday, June 6. They can be submitted to municipal offices and consulates.

The application for a certificate of voting rights does not have a uniform template. However, in many offices you can find versions prepared by officials. If they are not available, remember to include information about your name, surname and PESEL number in the application, as well as the elections in connection with which you are submitting it. The document must also be signed by hand.

Voting rights certificates are issued immediately. The entire procedure takes a few minutes and is free. However, please remember that once you receive the certificate, you cannot lose it. Its issuance involves deletion from the current voter roll. After downloading the certificate, it is not possible to take part in the elections without presenting it. Duplicates or copies of the certificate are not issued.

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European Parliament elections. Last day to submit an application to change the voting location

June 6 is also the deadline for submitting applications for a one-time change of voting location. This change is made only for the upcoming elections. Applications can be submitted both in person and online. In the first case, you should go to the city or commune office where you plan to stay on election day with an ID document and a completed application. Its pattern is available here.

To request a one-time change of voting location online, please visit the appropriate website subpage of the gov.pl website and click “submit an application”. You will then be automatically redirected to the e-puap website. There you need to log in to your account. This can be done using a trusted profile, e-ID, electronic banking or the mObywatel application. After logging in, please provide information about the address where you will be staying on election day and fill in the remaining fields of the application. Finally, everything must be signed electronically.

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