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European Parliament elections. “Washington Post”: The success of the far right is an expression of a deeper trend

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The success of the far right in the European elections is an expression of a deeper trend proving that in Europe – until now the bastion of liberal values ​​- there has been a resurgence of populist nationalisms that have not been stopped by the “cordon sanitaire” of mainstream parties – said the Washington Post on Monday.

Although the electoral gains of extreme parties are still not a “ticket to power” in the EU, and the coalition of centrist parties is still the most important force in the EP, the voting results indicate the existence of a trend that may herald a “new, right-wing era in Western politics,” he warned. “Washington Post”.

Over the years, an unstoppable trend has been gaining strength in Europe. Step by step, the extreme right, sometimes with fascist roots, conquered new territories, getting closer to the center of power – wrote the Washington daily after elections to the European Parliament.

Political firewalls designed to protect against groups once considered unacceptable have collapsed in country after country. And the first earthquake, almost a decade ago, was Brexit, he added.

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The electoral gains of extreme parties are still not a “ticket to power” in the EUANDRE PAIN/PAP/EPA

The center of gravity will shift to the right

Ursula von der Leyen, the center-right president of the European Commission, will seek another term in office – and this time she will probably seek the support of the prime minister. Italian Giorgia Meloni, who more effectively than any other far-right leader in Europe has broken through from the fringes of politics to its very center – predicts the daily.

Political scientists see Meloni's case as a kind of pattern in which extreme parties follow to come to power by taking advantage of programmatic voids in mainstream parties. Eventually, traditional formations become shells and cannot stop the march of even parties such as the Italian Meloni Brothers, whose roots go straight back to post-war neofascism – noted “WaPo”.

On the other hand, the case of the Italian Brothers proves, after all, the limited ability of such groups to create larger blocs, because Meloni keeps her distance from the leader of the far right in Francepro-Russian Marine Le Pen.

However, although the far right will not take power in Europe, the center of gravity will shift to the right as the centrist bloc around von der Leyen adapts to the pressure exerted by Meloni and the rest of the far right, the daily concluded.

Main photo source: ANDRE PAIN/PAP/EPA

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