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European Parliament: Orban's Fidesz will not join PiS. “We can not”

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Monday after meeting with the head of the Italian government Giorgia Meloni in Rome that in the European Parliament, his Fidesz party will not join the European Conservatives and Reformists, in which her group is located. The reason for this was the admission of an anti-Hungarian formation from Romania to this group.

The heads of both governments discussed the division of positions in the EU and the political forces in the new European Parliament three days before the EU summit in Brussels and before Hungary takes over the six-month presidency on July 1.

Fidesz will not join the ECR. Viktor Orban on talks with Giorgia Meloni

At a joint press conference with Meloni, after an hour and a half conversation, the Hungarian Prime Minister said, referring to the future of both of their groups in the European Parliament: “We did not talk about party issues, because we already closed that last Monday in Brussels, where we explained that we are guided by national politics and we cannot be part of a political family that includes an anti-Hungarian Romanian party” This is how he referred to the far-right Alliance for the Unity of Romanians.

Orban also stated: “We are committed to… strengthening European right-wing partieseven if we are not in the same group.

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Referring to the currently discussed issue of the distribution of the most important positions in the EU, the Hungarian Prime Minister stated that “the initial EU project was not like the one that is now “supposed to include everyone, big and small.”

– Now this is a path that cannot be followed. We cannot support the current political pact on key positions – added.

The problem of illegal migration. The Prime Minister of Hungary supports the development of Africa

Orban announced that the Italian prime minister also talked to Fr illegal immigration.

– You are closer to Africa, but migrants also come to us. Over the next 20 years, Africa's population will increase by 750 million people demographic growth twice as high as in Europe – he said to Giorgia Meloni.

– Either there will be a development project for Africa, or there will be mass migration that we will not be able to manage – he said. As he pointed out, his government supports everything that the Italian Prime Minister proposes regarding Africa and steps for its development.

Talks at European level. Ensuring support for a sovereign Ukraine

Just before taking over the six-month presidency of the EU Council, Orban called “disgrace” that the Western Balkan countries have been waiting for admission to the Union for over 15 years. – I think it is unacceptable, say “yes” or “no” – he announced.

Prime Minister Meloni supported the priorities of the Hungarian Presidency, including actions to end the demographic crisis and, as she stated, “new approach to agricultural policy“, fighting migrant smugglers and defending the EU's external borders.

– Our positions are not always consistent, but I appreciate the Hungarian position in the EU and NATO, which allows allies to make important decisions even when there is no agreement, she explained.

We repeated our support for the independence and sovereignty of Ukraine – Meloni stated.

Behind the scenes of the Brussels negotiations. What does PiS want?

In the previous term, the largest conservative faction was the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), in which, after the British left the EU, The Polish PiS delegation with 27 MEPs was in the lead. Currently, however, the Italians are in the lead with 24 MEPs and 20 PiS politicians.

So the idea was born to unite all conservative forces under one party. Joining the faction of, for example, the French from Maria Le Pen's National Rally it would change the balance of power in the EP.

However, Meloni, who wants the position of the so-called executive vice-president of the European Commission, does not want to cooperate with either the French or the Hungarians.

The refusal to admit Fidesz to the ECR is, in my opinion, a mistake and I'm surprised if the PiS delegation will put it into order. Just as I believe that the key country to change the situation in the European Union is France and the ECR should cooperate closely with the French right. EKR cannot be a hostage to the implementation of Prime Minister Meloni's plans – he commented on the situation prof. Zdzisław Krasnodębski in an interview with Interia.

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