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European Union. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki ahead of the European Council summit: we have a plan for safe borders

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who is going to Brussels on Thursday for the European Council summit, presented at a press conference the plan for safe borders of the European Union prepared by the Polish government. – We will veto the forced relocation mechanism. A Europe of secure borders is also a Europe without forced relocation, he said.

The head of the Polish government stated in a statement delivered on Thursday that Poland had defended Europe against various invasions for centuries. – Today we are again a frontline country that understands the threats facing Europe. We successfully defended Europe against the first waves of illegal immigrants, he said.

– That is why I will propose a specific plan at the European Council meeting. I will propose a safe borders plan. This plan is clear. No to the forced relocation of immigrants. No violation of the veto right by individual states and no violation of the principle of freedom, the principle of making decisions by states alone. No to the penalties imposed by Brussels on Member States. Yes for security, yes for sovereignty, yes for the best protected borders in Europe, said Morawiecki, who will go to Brussels on Thursday for the European Council summit.

Five points in Morawiecki’s plan

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– Firstly, we must jointly invest in effectively guarding all the Union’s external borders. More money from the European Union is needed for this, said Prime Minister Morawiecki, presenting his plan.

Secondly, he added, “it needs to be reformed Frontex so that it effectively fights people smugglers.” – Thirdly, the Commission should restructure the budget in such a way as to provide more funds for the development of countries bordering on the European Union. Let us fight effectively with the causes, not the effects, of the phenomena with which we measure up,” he said.

– Fourthly, limiting social benefits for people from outside the EU. Fifth, no longer tolerating the cooperation of NGOs with people smugglers. The Union, with the help of Europol and Interpol, must take an effective fight against human traffickers, he said.

– We will veto the forced relocation mechanism. A Europe of safe borders is also a Europe without forced relocation, added the Prime Minister.

Morawiecki: Europe is a civilization that rejects war

– Europe is a civilization that rejects war, rejects terrorism, murder, rape, rejects all violence. If someone does not accept it, there is no place for such a person in Europe, Morawiecki said.

He added that not everyone understands this and not everyone is aware of the scale of this threat. – Some leaders turn a blind eye to the threat that appears on Europe’s borders and streets. Poland is clear: opening borders, lacking their effective protection, exposing Europeans to danger is a strategic mistake, a mistake that threatens the survival of the European Union, said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister: Europe is above all a way of life

The Prime Minister emphasized that Europe is not only a continent, but – as he stated – “above all, it is a way of life”. – Everyone can become a European, regardless of their origin or skin color, provided, however, that they respect European values, that they reject violence and respect our civilization – he stressed.

According to him, “Member States must not be deprived of the ability to protect their citizens.” – Newcomers from outside Europe found a new home here for centuries, because they accepted the rules that had been in force in this house for centuries. Unfortunately, some politicians from Brussels today want to build a post-national continent, a continent without roots in tradition, said the Prime Minister.

According to him, on the one hand, this concept is “eagerly supported by left-wing and liberal circles and their ideologues, and on the other – it is supported by powerful states hostile to us, by forces hostile to us in various parts of the world.”

– And this concept is inherently anti-European. Already today, the blood of the people of Europe is being shed because of the lack of responsible politics. Even worse – the green light for uncontrolled migration has nothing to do with protection human rightson the contrary, it serves to violate human rights, increases suffering, contributes to the increase in crime in Europe and indirectly supports criminal groups operating on Europe’s borders, smuggling groups, added the head of the government.

Main photo source: TVN24

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