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European Union Summit. What Poland demands and what it wants to block. The TVN24 correspondent explains

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Poland wants to add a clear provision to the conclusions of the European Union summit stating that all decisions regarding migration regulations will be taken at the EU Council summit, and not at the level of ministers. This would mean that their adoption would require unanimity and each country would have veto power, informs TVN24 correspondent in Brussels Maciej Sokołowski.

As the journalist explains, “today, such regulations are adopted at the level of ministers, where it is enough to adopt them qualified majority and Poland i Hungary can be voted down, as happened in early June.”

Maciej Sokołowski reports that the chance of adding such sentences to the conclusion is small. “Countries like GermanyItaly, Netherlands, Belgium, do not want to change anything and do not want to write that migration issues require unanimity, knowing that this will prevent the adoption of any changes in this area. The preparation of the new migration pact took 4 years, and finally a compromise was developed, i.e. a new regulation, which is being worked on in the EU Council and Parliament, hence most countries are not willing to overturn this agreement due to the protest of two countries.

He recalls that this case was brought to the attention of a few years ago CJEUwhen Hungary sued the Council for adopting a decision on migration by majority rather than unanimity. “The tribunal found that Hungary is wrong and changes in migration policy can be adopted by vote and do not require unanimity” – he notes.

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Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in BrusselsPAP/Radek Pietruszka

What does Morowiecki want to block at the EU summit?

As a TVN24 correspondent reports, “Poland and Hungary threaten that if new sentences are not added, they may block the adoption of conclusions on migration.” “It’s just that the provisions of this summit are two rather general paragraphs in which there is nothing about relocation, and only the Council calls for the continuation of work on new regulations” – he points out.

As Sokołowski adds, the Council emphasizes, among other things, the need to fight against smugglers:

30. The European Council expresses its deep sorrow at the horrendous loss of life following the recent tragedy in the Mediterranean. The European Union remains committed to breaking the business model of human traffickers and smuggling networks, including instrumentalisation, and to tackling the root causes of irregular migration in order to better respond to migrant flows and avoid people undertaking such dangerous journeys. 31. Migration is a European challenge that requires a European response. The European Council carried out a comprehensive review of the migration situation at the EU’s external borders and in the EU, and took note of the work undertaken so far as part of the European response. The Council Presidency and the Commission briefed the European Council on the continued progress in implementing its conclusions of 9 February 2023, with a particular focus on the external aspects of migration and its funding mechanisms. Following the Commission’s recent letter and building on the progress achieved so far, the European Council calls for intensified work on all aspects of action, along all migratory routes, in line with international law. It calls on the Council and the Commission to continue to closely monitor and ensure the implementation of its conclusions and to report accordingly. It calls on the Commission to continue working on the elements contained in its letter. The European Council will review this work.

What will blocking the conclusion change?

The TVN24 correspondent in Brussels explains that blocking these conclusions “will not change anything about the new regulation on migration”. As he points out, these regulations are created at a different level, at the level of interior ministers, and there they will be adopted by voting.

“Therefore, other countries are not afraid of the Polish threat to block the conclusions, because the lack of them will not affect the situation, will not block the adoption of the regulation or stop further work” – adds Sokołowski.

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The TVN24 correspondent explains: there is no mention of forced relocation in the migration pactTVN24

Is another compromise solution possible?

The journalist informs that the heads of state have plans to continue the negotiations, during which they are to create a text of conclusions that will allow unanimity to be obtained. “Among the proposals there are words announcing the return to the topic at the next EU summit, in October or December, so as to move this discussion to the next months” – he says.

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Author:Maciej Sokolowski, js

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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