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Europol and Eurojust. After the police broke the codes of the EncroChat network, 6.5 thousand people were arrested

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The dismantling of EncroChat helped prevent violent attacks, attempted murders, corruption and large-scale drug shipments, Europol and Eurojust said in a joint statement. It added that the decryption of messages from this criminal communications network led to more than 6,500 arrests worldwide and the confiscation of almost €900 million.

The case was initiated at Eurojust, an EU prosecutorial agency based in The Hague, in 2019 on the initiative of France. Data were first shared with the Netherlands, leading to the creation of a Dutch-French Investigation Team (JIT) in April 2020, supported by Eurojust and Europol.

Brutal attacks and attempted murders

Criminals around the world have been illegally using EncroChat for criminal purposes and since its codes were broken, investigators have managed to intercept, share and analyze over 115 million conversations conducted by over 60,000 users. users, Dutch and French officials said at a press conference. “The dismantling of EncroChat was a shock to organized crime around the world and helped prevent violent attacks, attempted murders, corruption and large-scale drug shipments,” the two organizations said in a statement. The information obtained by the French and Dutch services was also shared with their counterparts in EU Member States and third countries. The decryption of the messages has so far resulted in the arrest of 6,558 people, the seizure of €739.7 million in cash and the freezing of €154.1 million in bank assets or accounts. In addition, 30.5 million synthetic drug tablets were seized, 103.5 tons of cocaine and 163.4 tons of marijuana were seized. The services also confiscated 971 cars, 83 boats, 40 planes and seized 271 properties or houses. “We also seized 923 weapons, 21,750 rounds of ammunition and 68 explosives,” investigators said.

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Another communication network decrypted

At the same time, on Monday, Belgian Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborne announced that thanks to the decryption of messages from another criminal communication network, Sky ECC, over two years, accused in Belgium over 3 thousand people and 853 of them were sentenced.

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