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Evacuation from Afghanistan. British Minister of Defense on the situation of minors at the Kabul airport

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British Defense Minister Ben Wallace commented on a video of a little girl being passed over a wall at an airport in Kabul to British and American soldiers. “Britain is unable to evacuate unaccompanied children from Afghanistan,” he admitted. However, he assured, speaking about the situation from the recording, that the child’s family was also evacuated.

Defense Minister Ben Wallace, former captain of the Scottish Guards, in an interview with Sky News commented on a video from Afghanistan, which shows a little girl being handed over to British and American soldiers over a wall at an airport in the country’s capital. He explained that she was transferred that way because her family was also evacuating.


“We can’t just take minors unaccompanied,” Wallace said. He admitted that in the situation at the Kabul airport and the desperation of some Afghans to leave, British soldiers found themselves in a very difficult position. – It is very, very difficult for these soldiers, as you can see in this footage, to take control of some very desperate soldiers who just want to leave the country – he said.

The soldiers help an Afghan woman to get to the wall by the airport in KabulReuters / Rise to Peace

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The minister assured that British troops would remain at the Kabul airport as long as it remained under US control, and that the British government intended to establish centers in third countries in the region to deal with Afghans fleeing the Taliban rule before they were left behind. further evacuated.

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Defense Minister on the situation in Kabul. “Some people won’t come back”

Earlier this week, the minister spoke on LBC radio. He admitted that the fate of Afghanistan causes the West to be perceived as weak by its opponents. – This is something we should be concerned about. If the West is perceived as indeterminate and divided, our opponents such as Russia find it encouraging, he assessed. “All over the world, Islamists will see what they see as a victory, and that will inspire other terrorists,” he said.

He admitted he “really regretted” that not all Afghans eligible to come to the UK would be evacuated. “Some people won’t come back, and we’ll have to do everything we can to take care of these people,” he said, his voice breaking.

When asked why he felt this situation “so personally”, he replied: – Because I am a soldier. After a pause, he added, “Because it is sad and the West has done what it has done, and we must do everything we can to get the people out and fulfill our obligations.” 20 years of dedication, so that’s what it is.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace on the situation in Afghanistan. “Some people won’t come back”Reuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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