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Evacuation from Afghanistan. Flights resumed. Some of them will land at the US base in Germany

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The commander of the US forces at the airport in the Afghan capital of Kabul ordered the resumption of evacuation flights after a short break on Friday. Department of Defense representatives announced that some of the evacuation planes will land at the US Ramstein base in Germany. They added that talks with other countries in Europe about other stopovers were underway.

– There was a short organizational break, because yesterday we sent so many people and there was a blockage with the registration of people from third countries. The commander gave the order to resume flights, said the representative of the US forces. It was later explained that the flight disruption was due to the overcrowding of the Al Udeid airbase in Qatar, the headquarters of the US Central Command. The base already provides shelter to 8,000 Afghan refugees.


Representatives of the US authorities, while reserving anonymity, also announced that evacuation planes from Afghanistan will be able to land in Western and Southern European countries, as well as in Bahrain. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that Berlin agreed to Washington’s request and would provide temporary shelter to evacuees at Ramstein airbase.

The US authorities want to deport Afghans from Kabul by August 31, when the deadline for US troops to leave Afghanistan expires, but President Joe Biden announced this week that the evacuation time could be extended if necessary.

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Countries around the world are evacuating Afghan citizensFRENCH DEFENSE MINISTRY / PAP / EPA

Pentagon: Part of the evacuation flights from Kabul will land in Germany

During Friday’s press conference in the Pentagon, General Hank Taylor announced that the first flights from Kabul to Ramstein, Bavaria, will land on Friday. Germany is to be one of several transfer points along the evacuation route.

Earlier, the US also agreed a similar agreement with Bahrain. Pentagon spokesman, adm. John Kirby added that Washington is in talks with other European countries about allowing planes to land, but has not revealed which countries they are.

In turn, the State Department announced during its press conference that 11 countries in Europe and the Middle East had agreed to the stopover. It goes, among others o Italy, Great Britain, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. General Taylor reported that 17 C-17 planes took off from Kabul in the last 24 hours, taking a total of almost 6,000. people, of which 5 thousand. they are Afghans.

The Pentagon also announced the fate of the child who was transferred by his parents over the airport wall into the hands of American soldiers. Gen. Taylor stated that the parents asked the soldiers to look after the sick child in the hospital. After staying in the hospital at the airport by the Norwegians, the child was returned to the parents.


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