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Evacuation from Afghanistan. The British completed the operation. The Observer: thousands of e-mails asking for help were not read

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The British Foreign Office did not read thousands of messages asking for help for Afghans who wanted to flee the country after the Taliban took power, reports the British The Observer. – There are currently 5,000 unread e-mails in your inbox. It is not just that parliamentarians have not received an answer. They have not been opened at all – said an anonymous newspaper informant. The Guardian writes that these reports call into question British authorities’ estimates of how many Afghans will be left behind by the Taliban.

On Saturday, the last British soldiers, diplomats and officials left Kabul. The departure of the last RAF plane officially ended Britain’s 20-year military presence in Afghanistan. In total, over 15,000 people were deported from the country. British authorities described it as the largest military evacuation carried out by Great Britain since the Second World War.

Despite this, criticism of London for the course of the evacuation continues.


Thousands of unread messages

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The Observer reports that the official e-mail box of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs dedicated to receiving applications – incl. There were 5,000 unread messages from parliamentarians and non-governmental organizations.

British soldiers leave AfghanistanEPA / JONATHAN GIFFORD

The e-mails sent to the British Ministry of Diplomacy described the situation of Afghans, fearing for the life and safety of their families after the Taliban took power. As The Observer writes, many of them remained unread for days.

As an example, the weekly cites a message from Labor leader Keir Starmer, which was posted on Monday and has still not been opened three days later. The mailbox also contained unread messages from the office of Victoria Arkins, the newly appointed Minister for Afghan Resettlement (formerly Deputy Minister of Home Affairs), Priti Patel, head of the British Interior Ministry, and the chairman of the Conservative Party’s defense committee Tobias Ellwood.

British soldiers leave AfghanistanEPA / JONATHAN GIFFORD

How many people actually asked London for help?

According to Guardian, the information released by The Observer calls into question British authorities’ estimates of how many Afghans will remain in the country. London announced that the number of people who reported their willingness to evacuate, who would not be able to be removed from Afghanistan, would total no more than 1,100.

Afghans are fighting to flee the countryAKHTER GULFAM / EPA / PAP

An informant from The Observer, who had access to the aforementioned Ministry of Foreign Affairs mailbox, said that most of the emails concerned more than one person. He pointed out that without reading these messages, British ministers could not have known how many Afghans were really asking for London’s aid. – It is not just that parliamentarians did not receive a reply. Their e-mails have not been read at all – stated an anonymous informant.

Main photo source: EPA / JONATHAN GIFFORD

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