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Evacuation from Afghanistan. White House: The most dangerous part of the Kabul mission has begun

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An American-led evacuation mission from Kabul is coming to an end. The White House said Friday the last few days will be the most dangerous part of it. As the president’s spokeswoman said, due to the return of some soldiers, the number of evacuees will be smaller.

President Joe Biden’s spokeswoman Jen Psaki explained at a press conference that the danger was due to the withdrawal of some soldiers and equipment from the airport. She also announced that she will inform twice a day about the number of people evacuated, with the reservation that they will be smaller than before.

Psaki said that national security adviser Jake Sullivan had informed the president that another attempted attack at the airport was “probable”.


Kabul airportPAP / EPA / Sgt. Samuel Ruiz / US Marine Corps via DVIDS / HANDOUT

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The evacuation from Afghanistan is coming to an end

On Thursday, 12.5 thousand people were evacuated from the airport. people, of which 8.5 thous. on board US military aircraft. In total, 105 thousand people left the country since August 14. people, of which 5.1 thous. are US citizens.

The White House said that every evacuated Afghan is being tested for COVID-19 and has the option of receiving a vaccine. In some cases, vaccination is a prerequisite for entry into the US.

Afghans evacuated from Kabul to the USPAP / EPA / SHAWN THEW

Afghans evacuated from Kabul to the USPAP / EPA / SHAWN THEW

Psaki announced that the United States would coordinate international diplomatic efforts to force the Taliban to allow third-country nationals, US Afghan allies and Afghans exposed to repression and violence to leave Afghanistan after US troops left the country. However, it did not prejudge whether America would maintain a diplomatic presence in the country.

The same was said by State Department spokesman Ned Price, who said that the US would be guided by the security of its diplomats when making decisions on the matter. However, he stated that discussions on this subject were ongoing, including with US partners. He added that the Taliban “made it very clear” their will that US diplomats stay in Afghanistan and ensure their safety. “We don’t have much faith in those words, we’ll be guided by the real situation on the ground,” Price said.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Sgt. Samuel Ruiz / US Marine Corps via DVIDS / HANDOUT

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