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Even tourists from Mexico are too hot. Romania plagued by heat and storms

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The weather divided Romania. A heatwave has reached the southern and eastern regions, during which the felt temperature exceeds 45 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, extremely strong storms are raging in the west and in the center. Many towns were under water.

The southern and eastern regions of Romania have been struggling with the first heatwave of the year since Thursday. Thermometers in the shade indicate about 37-38 degrees Celsius. The felt temperature is around 45 degrees Celsius.

The heat is pouring from the sky

The heat is most felt in cities full of concrete and with too little green space.

– The asphalt is now like a hot plate. The atmosphere is stuffy and there is an unpleasant smell of pavement in the air. Doctors advise us to stay at home, and if it is necessary to go out, cover our heads and use wet compresses to cool the body, said a woman experiencing tropical weather.

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Even tourists from Mexico who visited the city of Timisoara were surprised by the heat pouring from the sky.

– I travel all over Europe and have experienced a wide variety of temperatures. It’s too hot in Timisoara, said a woman who had just come to Romania from Mexico.

The weather is taking its toll on the people of RomaniaENEX

Flooded towns

Meanwhile, other parts of Romania – the west and the center – have been experiencing severe since Saturday thunderstorms and downpour. In the evening, these parts of the country were placed under the highest level of warnings. In Hunedoara, rainwater flooded around 170 households and forced the evacuation of more than 20 people.

In the Alba district, the intervention of the services was necessary, because a group of tourists, due to the rapidly flowing streams, was unable to descend the mountains on their own.

The consequences of the floods are most visible in the village of Govajdie in Hunedoara County. Water flooded many courtyards, many roads were destroyed. Firefighters often had to support residents during evacuations, for example by carrying them out of the window of a flooded apartment.

Roads had to be closed in places. This was the case, among others, in the municipality of Scarisoara and the districts of Brasov and Temesz. There, too, water flooded backyards, cellars and blocks of flats. Moreover, the roads there were blocked by trees. In the latter region, a tree fell over a fence and hit a gas pipe.

The weather is taking its toll on the people of RomaniaENEX

Main photo source: ENEX

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