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Every week they distribute hot meals to those in need. “We often hear that this is the first meal of the day”

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“Soup on the Main Street” – is a charity event in Poznań. Every week – not only for a free meal – there is a queue of people with problems of homelessness, loneliness and poverty. However, rising prices and inflation mean that there are more and more people in need from week to week, and fewer donors, so helping is more difficult.

Every week, the Association “Zupa na Główna” distributes hot meals to those in need in Poznań. More and more volunteers come to help in the kitchen, including students. It’s nice, positive energy. It’s nice that people still want to do something and that there are young people, because it protects us for later years, if we are old, if they learn empathy and compassion for other people – emphasizes Wioletta Bogusz from the “Soup on the Main Street” Association.

– Such people are poor and every such person has a story. (…) I feel sorry for such people when I pass them on the street – says Karolina, one of the student volunteers.

Sandwiches are made and cooked not only by students, but also by businessmen and doctors – out of necessity, in their spare time.

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Not only the homeless stand in line for food, but they do not want to talk about poverty. – They are simply ashamed, humanly ashamed – explains Wioletta Bogusz. – Some people practically need help on a daily basis. I don’t have much left from this pension, what I have – admits one of the men.

Once a week, those in need from distant places arrive at the station, where meals are distributed. – I have a modest pension, I have only 1500 zlotys. I am not demanding, three or four slices of bread are enough for me. I’ll even eat it dry – says another man.

24/11/2022 | Poverty Report. Extreme poverty affects over one and a half million PolesThe Noble Parcel report shows that over one and a half million Poles live in extreme poverty. This year, poverty hits those who were able to cope before. Also for random reasons.Renata Kijowska | TVN facts

More and more people need help

As the volunteers point out, there are more and more people who need help. – Since December last year, instead of decreasing with the warmer months, the number of people has been successively increasing – notes Filip Lulka, a volunteer.

People also have less money to share. Fear stared into his eyes and into the pot of soup. – I can’t imagine posting (cards – editor’s note): “Today there will be no soup, you will not get food today” – says Wioletta Bogusz.

This is the first time for Mrs. Marta Zgodzińska in the kitchen of the “Soup on the Main Street” Association. The woman celebrated her birthday that day, and the gift was helping. The woman also donated PLN 10,000 to the organization’s activities. – It was supposed to be some super, hyper watch, but why do I need a watch – she said. This amount will allow the association to survive for at least half a year.

One hundred liters of soup is enough for 150 people, but not for seconds. Nevertheless, it will satisfy the greatest hunger. – A stupid pot of soup makes you happy, because you know, a great human effort is also put into it – says one of the needy. – We often hear at the station that this is the first meal of the day. We often hear that my mother used to cook such a soup and it is worth living for such a cake – adds Wioletta Bogusz.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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