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Ewa Drzyzga recommends books for Christmas

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Reading is one of Ewa Drzyzga’s passions. The host of “Dzień Dobry TVN” regularly shares her impressions after reading news on her Instagram. – Fiction has always been my guide, mentor and friend – says the journalist. What books does he recommend for Christmas?

– Why read books? Because numerous studies confirm that reading books reduces the likelihood of dementia, lowers stress levels, provides better ability to concentrate, and increases the number of neuronal connections in the brain – says Ewa Drzyzga. Presenter “Good morning TVN” argues that a person who reads does for his or her cognitive abilities what a person who regularly practices sports does for the circulatory or nervous system.

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Books by Ewa Drzyzga

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“The Extraordinary Journey of Harold Fry”, Rachel Joyce. A debut that sold almost four million copies and was nominated for the Booker Prize. Harold Fry receives a letter from an old friend. It’s a farewell – the woman writes that she is dying of cancer. The old man feels that he must say goodbye to her in person. Although he has hardly left home lately, now he decides to go to the other end of the country. No map, no phone. He believes that as long as he walks, Queenie will live. During the 87-day march, he meets many fascinating people. He learns their stories and, as a result, understands himself better and better. “The Extraordinary Journey of Harold Fry”, was made into a film (the film premiered this year, you can watch it on Player on Demand). – Read the book before watching the movie – encourages Ewa Drzyzga. She described the novel on Instagram. “Harold finally, after many years, decides to do something he really wants. At first he is surprised that he even feels like he wants something on his own. The more absurd his over 700-kilometer march seems, the more he finds himself in himself. In pain , in the heat of the moment, he returns to the choices from the past that shaped him into a helpless person. The expedition, which was supposed to be penance for the omission, becomes an opportunity to accept the differences of others,” writes the journalist. He also lists the advantages of traveling: “You go, you meet people in the open, they talk and you take them with you forever. When you get to know them, you stop being afraid of them, you stop being surprised by them. When you set out on a journey, there are more people in the world who you care. If you want to know yourself, understand yourself – you have to go back to the deeply buried images from your childhood. Find out what happened to you. The beginning can happen more than once and in different ways. Harold Fry needed 87 days for this. How many days Will it take you?” – asks the journalist in a post on social media.

“Surprise Me” by Maggie Shipstead. A novel that the American writer wrote seven years before the famous “The Great Circle” (a book nominated for the Man Booker Prize and the Women’s Prize for Fiction). “Surprise Me” is the story of Joan, who is ready for anything for the Russian dance genius Arslan Rusakov. The background of this 30-year-long story is the world of ballet. “The Guardian” called the novel “a daring display of high-class art whose only constant feature is the pursuit of perfection,” and “The New Yorker” called it fascinating. “[Shipstead] skillfully creates a dramaturgy of tensions between family and career, perfectionism.

– Shipstead, inspired by the escape of the outstanding ballet master Mikhail Baryshnikov from behind the Iron Curtain to USA and his subsequent romance with Christina Berlin, she wrote a novel that immerses us in the world of ballet. Brutal, exhausting, perfect, merciless, especially for those who – like the main character Joan – are left behind, with no chance of being a soloist – says Drzyzga in an interview with tvn24.pl. And he adds: – You don’t have to be ballet experts. Shipstead writes about him so vividly, almost cinematically, that you can imagine every scene. You don’t even have to be a ballet fan. Because this novel is also an engaging study of friendship, relationship or marriage (the spouses “(…) are two animals occupying a common burrow, accepting each other’s presence, focused on the enterprise called life”) and parenthood (“As the mother of a small child, she lived in tension , thinking how he will cope, competing with other parents for his hypothetical future”).

"Surprise me"Maggie Shipstead

“Surprise Me”, Maggie Shipsteadmat. press release

Gratitude Journals by Janice Kaplan. Another New York Times bestseller by a journalist and television producer (her book “I’ll See You Again” was previously on the list). Janice Kaplan, based on her experiences and scientific research, explores the topic of gratitude. And he concludes that it has a positive impact on every aspect of life, including marriage and friendships, finances and career, and health and fitness. On New Year’s Eve, Kaplan promises herself that she will keep a journal and write down the positive side of everything that happens in her life every day. – “Instead of excelling in despair and misery, we can become experts in gratitude,” says Kaplan, who conducted a kind of experiment on herself. She trained herself in practicing gratitude for 12 months. And because she likes to know “how it works” and to make it easier for her to stick to her New Year’s Eve resolution, she questioned many experts in various fields. They clearly convinced her that it was worth investing in. She convinced me, says Ewa Drzyzga. And he quotes a fragment of the book: “When you can’t do everything, remember to be grateful for what you can do – it makes you a happier and better person.”

"Gratitude journals"Janice Kaplan

Gratitude Journals by Janice Kaplanmat. press release

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