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Ewa Ewart and the film “To the Last Drop” won the US International Awards Los Angeles 2023. Director about poor river management

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The documentary “To the last drop” by Ewa Ewart was awarded at the US International Awards 2023 in the Environment, Ecology and Sustainable Development subcategory. – Certainly, the jury members must have appreciated the fantastic cinematography, beautiful music and masterful editing. However, I think that the message conveyed by this film was appreciated above all, said Ewa Ewart during her visit to the TVN24 studio. She emphasized that “rivers are a common good” and it is time to prevent their further devastation.

US International Awards 2023 (formerly known as the US International Film & Video Festival) is an event with nearly 50 years of history, during which the world’s best corporate videos, online and social media productions and documentaries are awarded.

Ewa Ewart: I hope that the characters of this film will inspire other people to act

The latest documentary film by Ewa Ewart “To the last drop”, co-produced by TVN24, received the Gold Award in the Environment, Ecology and Sustainable Development subcategory. On June 20, Ewart was awarded the Special Prize for the same film. Prince Rainier III during a gala at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

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“To the last drop” is about one of the greatest threats to civilization, which is the growing crisis of drinking water shortage. The rivers-heroes of the film are e.g. Measles, Sarno we ItalyVjosa v Albania or Magpie w Canada.

To the last drop TVN24

“Balance between alarming and depressing message”

The documentary reveals the global costs and consequences of destroying nature “in the name of progress”. It is a story about helplessness and desperation, but also about determination and hope. It tells not only about rivers, but also about people who try to save rivers and make people aware of why the problem is so important. “To the Last Drop” was filmed in Canada, the NetherlandsItaly Switzerland, Albania and Poland. Their authors are Mateusz Kruszelnicki and Wiktor Strumiłło (drone). The co-producer is TVN24.

– I really wanted to create a balance in the film between alarming and depressing messages. I wanted a certain dose of optimism – emphasized Ewa Ewart.

While, as she pointed out in the TVN24 studio, the example of the Oder River and its catastrophe last year made Poland one of the countries to which one can have serious reservations, as the director pointed out, one can observe an increasing activity of young people. – They take the initiative into their own hands, they start to act. This gives a dose of optimism, said the award-winning documentary filmmaker.

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“A small group of decision makers” and “megalomaniac ideas”

Ewa Ewart emphasized that in her film she shows the causes of the Odra disaster. – At the same time, I wonder what else needs to change for decision-makers to change the way they manage rivers. It is actually a very small group that makes decisions that affect millions – she emphasized on TVN24.

Among other things, she criticized the “megalomaniac” idea of ​​concreting the bottom of the Oder River.

– When summer comes and there is a drought, the river has only 20 centimeters of water. At the same time, we hear about plans to concrete the bottom, create a water highway on which ships with a draft of one and a half meters will sail. It doesn’t make sense, she said.

She emphasized that “we are all together on the planet that is our home”. – I do not want to use high-sounding terms, but some ideas simply cannot be agreed. I have the impression that more and more people do not consent to the actions of a few politicians from some clique that only has their own good in mind – said Ewart.

Main photo source: TVN24

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