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Ewa Wrzosek: I was told that I was exposed to Pegasus. The prosecutor reported the crime

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Prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek informed that she had received information about “a possible cyber attack on her phone by state services”. – Apple has provided me with evidence that my phone has been exposed to Pegasus – told tvn24.pl. The prosecutor filed notifications of a crime.

Prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek, a member of the Lex Super Omnia Association, said on Thursday that she had learned that she might have been under surveillance.

– Apple has provided me with evidence that my phone has been exposed to Pegasus. As a prosecutor, an official of the state, I am obviously aware that such tools should be available and used by the authorities to fight the most serious crime. But the lack of consent to the destruction of the rule of law in Poland is not a crime, she explained in an interview with tvn24.pl.

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Prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek The prosecutor reveals that Apple announced that it was spying on her phoneTwitter

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She herself, for many years, has been well known in her professional environment as an efficient and reliable prosecutor. Her name gained publicity when she decided to open an investigation into the so-called “envelope elections”.

In April 2020, she recognized that their organization “poses a threat to the life and health of many people.” On the same day, the investigation was discontinued by the decision of her superior, and a day later the national prosecutor Bogdan Święczkowski decided to institute disciplinary proceedings against Wrzosek on the grounds of “an obvious and gross violation of the law”.


– As a Pole, the whole story hurts me. Now Poland is mentioned among countries such as Uganda, the Philippines, whose regimes, using Pegasus, have spied on independent journalists and the opposition, said the prosecutor Wrzosek.

Apple has started a worldwide action related to a lawsuit against Israeli producer Pegasus. This spyware installs on the designated phones. It is used to monitor correspondence and data stored in the device.

Questions about PegasusTVN24

Prosecutor Ewa WrzosekŁukasz Cynalewski / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

Apple provides documentation to people around the world spying on their phones. One of them is the prosecutor Ewa Wrzosek. The names of the others have not been made public at the moment.

Wrzosek submitted a notification to the prosecutor’s office

In the late afternoon on Thursday, Wrzosek told TVN24 about the details of how she found out about the attack. She explained that she had gotten an email and an iMessage about it.


– This information showed that I was the target of a cyber attack. It was not clear from this information whether the attack was made or merely attempted. However, it was clearly an indication that the authors of the attack are state services using Pegasus – she said.

She reported that she had submitted notifications about the commission of a crime to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw.

– I hope that this procedure will secure the evidence used and will lead to the identification of the perpetrators of this crime. Of course, I am not a naive person and I know that the services that will conduct this investigation are most likely also the perpetrators of this cyber attack on my phone. Therefore, when it comes to the reliability of this procedure in our country, I am not convinced about it, I have serious doubts – she added.

Wrzosek: I filed notifications of a crime

Wrzosek: I filed notifications of a crimeTVN24

– I have already gone through several stages since yesterday, from such a primal feeling of surprise: why me, to the irritation resulting from the fact that I am a prosecutor who also deals with prosecuting this type of crime – admitted Wrzosek.

– I am aware that tools such as Pegasus can be used in relation to the prosecution of the most serious crimes, terrorism, organized crime and human trafficking. On the other hand, the information disclosed to the public shows that the subjects of the surveillance were activists, journalists and politicians, the prosecutor said.

Heather: I've gone through several stages since yesterday, from that primal feeling of surprise to irritation

Heather: I’ve gone through several stages since yesterday, from that primal feeling of surprise to irritationTVN24

Surveillance system purchased with money from the Victim Support Fund

The fact that the Central Anticorruption Bureau bought a surveillance system, we revealed on the pages of tvn24.pl already in September 2018. Then we got to the files of the Supreme Audit Office, which contained a bill for the amount of PLN 33.6 million. The CBA paid that much to the Warsaw IT company, which was a representative of the Israeli producer and “Polonized” the system and undertook training in its use.

Questions about Pegasus

Questions about PegasusTVN24

As we revealed, the anti-corruption service financed the purchase of the system by receiving a $ 25 million subsidy from the so-called “Justice Fund” supervised by the Minister of Justice. The inspectors of the Supreme Audit Office decided that the acceptance of the subsidy by the then head of the CBA, Ernest Beyda, was a violation of the law. Therefore, they filed a notification of a breach of the budgetary discipline act by today’s vice president of PZU.

It is about Article 4 of the Act on the Central Anticorruption Bureau, which reads in its entirety as follows: “The activities of the CBA are financed from the state budget”.

– Looks like a bribe to the CBA. The Minister of Justice transferred 25 million, and then the CBA does not verify how he spends the hundreds of millions of zlotys accumulated on the accounts of the Justice Fund – commented the former head of the anti-corruption service, Paweł Wojtunik.

The proceedings concerning the suspected breach of public finance discipline by the head of the CBA ended in April last year, after two years.

– The refusal to initiate the procedure was due to the negligible harm to public finances, and not the finding that there was no violation of the provisions. Please be advised that the justification indicated that the CBA should, in principle, be financed from the state budget (in the narrow sense of the budget), and not from the Justice Fund, which is a state special-purpose fund – we were told by the press office of the Ministry of Finance, whose minister is also the main spokesman for public finance discipline.

Wrzosek about the information that she was exposed to Pegasus

Wrzosek about the information that she was exposed to PegasusTVN24

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