Explosion of a grenade launcher at the Police Headquarters. Senator Krzysztof Brejza showed photos taken just after the explosion


On Monday, Senator of the Civic Coalition, Krzysztof Brejza, revealed photos that are supposed to document what happened eight months ago in the building of the Police Headquarters. In mid-December, a grenade launcher exploded in the office of Commander Jarosław Szymczyk. Brejza posted the said photos on social media.

“I am revealing the state’s most guarded secret PIS. These photos were never supposed to see the light of day,” wrote Krzysztof Brejza on the X platform (formerly Twitter). He attached photos of a grenade launcher to the entry.

Around 10 a.m., the senator spoke at a press conference organized in front of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz.

– A few months ago, I revealed to you the details of the scandal related to the prison and the firing of a grenade launcher by the PiS commandant at the headquarters of the Police Headquarters. Today there will be a continuation of this story, a story about the truth, because the PiS authorities and PiS people distorted reality in various ways at that time – said Brejza. – Some even threatened to sue me – he added.

The KO politician said that he had access to photos taken shortly after the explosion. – These are photos that were never supposed to see the light of day. The PiS authorities did everything to impose a secrecy clause on the photos from Commander Szymczyk’s office – said Brejza.

Explosion at the Police Headquarters

In mid-December, there was an explosion in the building of the Police Headquarters. Ministry of the Interior and Administration reported that it happened “in a room adjacent to the office of Commander Jarosław Szymczyk. “One of the gifts that the Commander received during his working visit to Ukraine on December 11-12 this year, where he met with the management of the Ukrainian police and emergency services. The gift was a gift from one of the heads of the Ukrainian services,” the ministry said in a statement. The commander was taken to hospital.

The case is under investigation by the prosecutor. The commander has the status of the injured party. Commander Szymczyk said on government television shortly after the incident that he did not intend to resign after the explosion in his office. – An incident took place in my office, which should be thoroughly explained, because a gift I received during a meeting with the heads of one of the most important services responsible for Ukraine’s internal security exploded, he said.

Main photo source: Krzysztof Brejza

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