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Explosions in a playground in Spain. Two people died

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Two people were killed in explosions on Tuesday afternoon at a children’s playground in the town of Orio in the Basque country of northern Spain.

According to the daily “El Mundo”, witnesses to the event speak of two explosions, while earlier some media reported that there was one explosion in a playground located in the center of the city.

Spain. Explosions in the playground. Two people diedReuters

The charge brought to the square by the man could explode

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According to eyewitness accounts, a package brought to the playground by a man could have exploded. As he approached the bench where the woman was sitting, there were two explosions.

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As a result of the explosions, the causes of which are being determined by the regional police (Ertzaintza), the couple died on the spot. One of the police versions of the event assumes that the tragedy is the result of a conflict between a man and a woman.

Main photo source: Reuters

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