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Extreme poverty in Poland in 2016-2020. GUS data

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In 2020, more families lived in extreme poverty than a year earlier, according to the Central Statistical Office’s response to the inquiry of Senator Krzysztof Brejza (KO) on this matter. Compared to 2019, the percentage of children and seniors living below the minimum subsistence level has also increased.

In August, Senator Krzysztof Brejza (KO) submitted an inquiry to the Central Statistical Office on data on the extent of extreme poverty among children and seniors in Poland in 2016-2020.

Extreme poverty among children and seniors has increased

In response to the request for access to this data, the Central Statistical Office (GUS) informed that the overall extreme poverty of Polish families increased from 4.9%. (2016) to 5.2% (2020). The percentage of extreme child poverty also increased – from 5.8%. (2016) to 5.9 percent (2020) and poverty among seniors, i.e. people over 65 – from 3.4 percent. (2016) at 4.4 percent. (2020).

In 2020 – compared to 2019 – there was an increase in the overall extreme poverty of Polish families from 4.2%. up to 5.2 percent (by 1 percentage point), extreme child poverty with 4.5 percent. at 5.9 percent (by 1.4 percentage points) and extreme poverty among seniors, i.e. people over 65, with 3.8 percent. at 4.4 percent (by 0.6 percentage point).

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Poverty extent indicator

The Central Statistical Office (GUS) informed that the poverty extent indicator is the percentage of people in households where the level of expenses (including the value of free-of-charge items and the value of natural consumption, plus the renovation fund) was lower than the adopted poverty line. The basis for determining the limit of extreme poverty is the subsistence minimum estimated by the Institute of Labor and Social Affairs (IPiSS).

The subsistence minimum category determines a very low level of satisfaction of needs. Consumption below this level makes survival difficult and poses a threat to human psychophysical development. The calculations were made on the basis of the results of the household budget survey.

The extent of poverty in Poland in 2008-2020 according to the poverty lines adopted in a given year (in percent of people in households)stat.gov.pl

Poverty lines for single-person households in 2008-2020stat.gov.pl

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