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Eye to eye with a lynx. “I felt something looking at me”

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A close encounter with a lynx occurred on Wednesday in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. As Reporterka 24 told us, she accidentally came across the animal while it was resting after a successful hunt. We received the materials at Kontakt 24.

Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is one of the largest predators in Europe and the largest wild cat in Poland. In our country, its population is estimated at about 200 individuals and attempts are being made to expand it. From 2023, foresters are implementing a project to increase the number of animals living in the forests of northern and western Poland.

“I felt like something was looking at me”

On Wednesday, an Internet user who is a retired biology teacher contacted us. Mrs. Małgorzata sent us photos of a lynx that she unexpectedly encountered on a walk on the beach in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship – for the sake of the animal's welfare, we do not provide the animal's exact location.

– My husband and I were walking the dog in the morning and while walking along the sea shore under the dunes, I saw a deer, which turned out to be a billy goat. I approached, intending to provide possible veterinary assistance, and then I saw that the animal was dead with a wound on its leg. Then I felt something looking at me. I raised my eyes and my gaze crossed with the gaze of a lynx on the escarpment, said Reporterka 24.

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The woman noted that she was careful and took the photos from a distance. – I backed away and looked at my husband. We had a camera with a telephoto lens that we decided to use to take photos. The lynx was not afraid of us. He calmly waited until we left, came down and ate the prey. It was my first encounter with a lynx and I suspect it will be my last.

Mrs. Małgorzata informed the forest district about the unusual meeting. – We called the forest district to inform about the situation. They told us that it was a nature campaign to restore lynxes in Pomerania and we probably met a breeder – she commented.

Main photo source: Małgorzata/Contact 24

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