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F-16 for Ukraine. There is a shortage of pilots. Experts see a big problem

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Dania, Norway, Netherlands i Belgium they plan to deliver more than 60 American missiles to Ukraine this summer F-16 aircraft. Analysts War Research Institute however, they point to problems with training the pilots who could operate them fighters. For a full-fledged squadron of 20 planes, 40 are needed.

At this rate, the number of specialists will be trained Ukraine but she will only have it at the end of 2025. Until then, her army will not be able to fully use all the fighters received.

“To support ground operations as effectively as possible, Ukrainian Air Force must destroy enough air defense systems in Russia using long-range missiles, train a sufficient number of F-16 pilots and obtain timely deliveries and a sufficient number of aircraft of this type,” analysts added in the ISW report.

Where are Ukrainian pilots trained?

According to Air Force spokeswoman Laurel Falls US National Guard plans to train a total of 12 Ukrainian pilots by the end of September at the base in… Tucson. In a series of meetings and phone calls over the past few weeks, Ukraine formally asked the U.S. to train additional pilots, however United States they replied that there were also pilots from other countries in line for F-16 training and the US could not break its obligations.

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Another eight Ukrainian pilots are trained in Denmark, but this center is to be closed next year and they will no longer participate in training because the local Air forces they pass on stealth F-35. The third program, conducted in Romania, has not been launched yet.

Learning to fly F-16 for Ukrainian pilots. There is a shortage of training places

On Thursday, Politico reported that Ukrainian officials were pressuring the U.S. and other countries to step up F-16 pilot training, claiming that the current system does not provide enough of them to fly the fighters that will soon be transferred Kijowowi.

Ukraine says it has 30 pilots who are eligible to begin training in the U.S. immediately. However, the Biden administration informed Kiev that in the program implemented in Arizona there are not enough training places to accommodate more than 12 pilots at a time, three US administration sources told Politico. Two other centers in Danii i Rumunii have a similar problem with available training places.

It is expected, that 20 Ukrainian F-16 pilots will complete training by the end of this year – half of the 40 needed to operate a full squadron (20 fighters), the former official said Department of Defense. Eight new pilots are scheduled to begin training in Romania and eight more will arrive in Tucson soon, the former official added.

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