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Failure of North Korea's space mission. Big explosion

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An attempt to launch a satellite into space took place just hours after Pyongyang issued the warning, that the rocket launch mission will take place on time from May 27 to June 4.

Information about the missile explosion was provided by the deputy director general of the National Space Technology Administration North Korea through public propaganda media. The preliminary analysis shows that cause of the explosion may have been newly developed liquid fuel rocket enginebut other possible causes are also being investigated.

North Korea. Explosion of a rocket carrying a spy satellite

Even before Pyongyang's official statement appeared, reports about mission failure they conveyed South Korea i Japan.

The missile was to be fired around 10:44 p.m. local time (14:44 Polish time – ed.) – reported the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Seoul. Just two minutes after takeoff A large amount of rocket debris was discovered in the Yellow Sea.

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– These actions constitute a violation of Security Council resolutions and constitute a serious breach of the security of our citizens – said a Japanese government spokesman, quoted by Reuters.

Public broadcaster NHK showed a video of it an orange dot floating in the skyfollowed by an apparent explosion in an area nearby borderland Chin and North Korea. Japan's defense minister suggested that the color of the flames visible in the video indicated that liquid fuel could have ignitedbut the exact circumstances will be determined based on further analyses.

North Korea spy satellite. One such object

Launching a rocket was not the first attempt to fail. According to Reuters, North Korea had previously wanted to place its spy satellite in orbit several times. This trick was successful once in November 2023. Pyongyang is therefore considered to have currently one of this type of facility.

North Korea indicates it needs a military reconnaissance satellite to “improve monitoring of activities US and South Korean military.

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