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Failure of the emergency medical system – TVN24

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On Sunday, emergency medical teams report problems with the operation of the system through which they communicate with dispatchers. The scale of the phenomenon is not known yet. A similar situation took place on Saturday, but the failure was removed.

On Saturday afternoon, paramedics across the country struggled with problems caused by a system failure that allows dispatchers to direct individual teams to help. The most difficult situation was in Warsaw. The problem was fixed late in the evening.


On Sunday, however – as reported by TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Mielcarek – disturbing signals are coming from the emergency medical teams again.

Issues reported on Sunday afternoon

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According to the reporter’s report, around 3 p.m. on Sunday, paramedics signaled that they had problems with the system again. They are related, inter alia, to the access to electronic devices with the help of which they receive information about the notifications that are to be dealt with.

The problem also concerns notifications that are to be delivered to dispatchers. As Mielcarek learned from the spokesman of the Warsaw ambulance service, some of these reports are to disappear from the system. As she reported, it is currently unknown what the scale of this phenomenon is. The failure is being removed.

“The dispatchers were a bit blind, they didn’t see their teams”

On Saturday, a similar failure lasted several hours. On that day, Jakub Wakuluk, head of the medical dispatching office in Poznań, explained in an interview with TVN24 that it is “a system on which medical emergency services work throughout Poland”. – Before 2 p.m. it ceased to be stable, at 2 p.m. there was a nationwide failure – he added.

He explained that “there was a problem with the map module that was turning off, crashing”. – The biggest problem was the transition to offline systems. Dispatchers had to write everything on paper, and then it was communicated to emergency medical teams by phone or radio, Wakuluk described.

He admitted that “the dispatchers were a bit blind, they didn’t see their teams where they were.” – All calls were answered on a regular basis, but the time was extended, not all stations were working properly – noted the manager of the dispatch office.

Emergency medical system failure. TVN24 reporter’s reportTVN24

“It is a pain but there are no delays.”

Wakuluk found the system problems “bothersome and troublesome”. – But somehow it does not significantly extend the time of processing our applications, launching the entire system of the team’s departure. In fact, it’s one call to the band: “Get going and we’ll give you the entire visit in the meantime.” There are no delays, the society is not able to feel that something is not working for us – he assured.

At around 8pm on Saturday, he informed that “the system is now starting to work properly”. – The failure is not officially finished yet, but it is definitely better than it was in the afternoon – he said.

After 11 pm, TVN24 reporter Małgorzata Mielcarek announced that she had received “confirmation from the spokeswoman of the Polish Medical Air Rescue, who is responsible for the command support system,” that “partial restoration of the system” had taken place. – And this means that medical dispatching rooms are already available, handle notifications and have emergency medical teams, and most of them work properly. Work is still underway to fully restore proper operation, the reporter explained, referring to the LPR statement.

The worst situation in Warsaw

According to information collected by Małgorzata Mielcarek, the severity of Saturday’s failure had a different scale in various centers. The worst situation was supposed to be in Warsaw, where the ambulance receives over 600 reports during the day. The reporter, citing the spokesman of the Warsaw ambulance service, said that all reports were accepted, but according to the information gathered on a regular basis, some of these reports “disappeared”.

It is not known what scale of the reports was concerned and whether it could have happened that some of the people who sent the report did not receive help. The spokesman assured that it was verified. – Dispatchers received information about notifications, but some in the system were lost. Now the question is whether it turns out that some of these people did not receive help, or whether these reports were registered in some other way – Mielcarek said.

Main photo source: TVN24

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