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Faith No More. The singer admitted that he suffers from agoraphobia. After years on stage, he began to be afraid of people

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Somehow my confidence has been broken. I didn’t want to show myself in front of people, which is strange, because I’ve been doing it for half my life – said Mike Patton, singer known for his performances in Faith No More. The artist gave an honest interview to Rolling Stone in which he told about his mental problems, which he became aware of after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mike Patton, an artist known for his performances in bands Faith No More, Mr. Bungle and Dead Cross, in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine published on Tuesday, talked about his condition after the pandemic COVID-19. Due to his mental health issues, the 2021 Faith No More and Dead Cross tours have been canceled.

Singer’s agoraphobia

The artist admitted that he suffers from agoraphobia, i.e. feeling an irrational fear of open space and leaving the house. As he admitted – the very decision to interview and talk openly about it was now a great surprise for his colleagues and associates.

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The musician realized how serious the problem is in the fall of 2021. After a period in which pandemic restrictions prevented bands from touring, his bands Faith No More and Mr. Bungle was getting ready to return to the stage. Patton, however, was unable to face such a challenge as leaving home and going on tour.

– That’s when I lost my temper. A few days before we were going to go on tour. I said to the guys, “Hey man, I don’t think I can make it.” Somehow my confidence has been broken. I didn’t want to show myself in front of people, which is strange because I’ve been doing it for half my life – he said.

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Patton: I lost my temper

The musician admits that he realized that the cancellation of the tour would disappoint many fans as well as his bandmates. However, he realized that the most important thing was his mental health and that he should not do anything against himself.

– I saw a few therapists (…), which happened for the first time in my life. They diagnosed me with agoraphobia, I was afraid of people. Being around people terrified me. Maybe it’s because I spent two years basically home during COVID-19. I do not know. Maybe it strengthened the feelings I already had. Just knowing about it, talking about it, really helped, she says.

New Dead Cross album

Mike Patton has admitted that what allows him to stay balanced and calm these days is his home. – My dogs keep me completely calm. And my garden. It really helps. Also the help I get thanks to psychotherapy and psychiatrists (…) Even if it may be laborious, I know that it helps me. Another AA (anonymous alcoholics – ed.). I have to admit, it’s really helpful, says Patton.

The artist also focused on recording music for the second album of Dead Cross, which is due out in October 2022. He says he’s very excited about the project. He hopes to meet his fans live again as part of his promotion. He admits, however, that whether he will be able to go on stage does not only depend on his willingness, but whether he can do it. – This is what I need to figure out. I think I will do it over time – he explains.

The artist assures that his mental health is getting better. “This kind of fear, or whatever you want to call it, has led to other problems that I don’t want to talk about.” Some professionals helped me and now I feel better, he said. Return to the stage after two years with the group Mr. Bungle, Mike Patton is planning for December this year. However, as he admits, he is still not sure if he will be able to go on tour later with Dead Cross or Faith No More.

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