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Fake investments. Scammers use deepfakes. How to protect yourself? What to pay attention to? Warning

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The cybersecurity team at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (CSIRT KNF) warns against fraudsters in a statement. As he explains, cybercriminals use deepfake technology and encourage fake investments.

CSIRT KNF published a new warning on social media. “Fraudsters use deepfakes to impersonate famous people and encourage fake investments,” we read in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

It also explains that deepfake “is a technique that allows, among other things, the creation of fake videos or audio recordings in which people’s faces and voices can be changed.” “It looks very realistic!” – warned.

Fake investments – fraudsters use deepfake

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Representatives of the band wrote in the post: “If you receive a message or see a post on Facebook, Instagram, etc. in which someone who looks like a famous person offers you a ‘great investment’ – be careful! It may be a scam.”

“Offers like this don’t actually happen!” – emphasized the CSIRT KNF.

He also gave two “rules for safe investment:

– do not invest based on offers that raise your doubts, – before investing, always check whether the information comes from a trusted source.

Internet fraud – banks

Back in October, CSIRT KNF warned against fraudsters impersonating ING Bank Śląski. Cybercriminals send SMS messages informing about the alleged expiration of access to the application.

Earlier, PKO Bank Polski also warned against fraudsters. As reported by the largest bank in Poland, cybercriminals send emails with malware.

Recently, CSIRT KNF also warned against fraudsters impersonating the BNP Paribas bank. As indicated, cybercriminals send e-mails with false information. It was about the alleged need to update data.

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