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Fakro limits production and does not rule out a 4-day working week

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Fakro, one of the largest window manufacturers in Europe, limits production and does not rule out a four-day working week. The reason is the falling number of houses and flats being built. The company also adapts the employment structure to the market situation, but does not plan group redundancies.

The company did not answer PAP’s question about how many employees it had recently made redundant.

“Unfortunately, since June 2022, the number of houses and flats built in Poland has been drastically decreasing, which results in a lower demand for our products. Out of concern for employees, we are making every effort to survive the current crisis” – said Fakro Janusz, a member of the management board for marketing, in a statement sent to PAP Komurkiewicz.

“We are currently adjusting the employment structure to the market situation. We are not planning collective redundancies. We are limiting production. We have also periodically introduced a shorter 4-day working week” – he added.

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Fakro cuts production

The four-day working week was temporarily in force in 2022, but due to the uncertain market situation, the company does not rule out returning to a shortened working week.

As the member of the management board emphasized, the company hopes that the economic conditions and the situation in the industry will change and the economic crisis will pass. “It is important not only for us, but for the whole country. Poland is the leader of European exports in the joinery. We hope that despite the difficult period, our country will be able to maintain this advantage” – noted Janusz Komurkiewicz and added that the company, bearing in mind demanding times, makes decisions about spending with great care.

The Fakro Group was founded in 1991 in Nowy Sącz (Lesser Poland). Over the course of 30 years, the family business has developed into an international corporation. It employs approx. 4 thousand people. employees. It is one of the largest employers in the region. It is one of the world leaders in the production of roof windows. He is also the producer of attic stairs, doors, garage doors.

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