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Falcon. He was to shoot his friend three times with an air rifle and leave, taking his phone and wallet. He heard the charges

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First he shot his friend in the thigh, then twice in the stomach. He also hit him with a telescopic baton. These are the findings of the police regarding the incident that took place in Sokółka (Podlaskie Voivodeship). A 25-year-old man was to shoot, whom the uniformed detained in the apartment. They also found a stolen phone and wallet, as well as an air gun and a telescopic baton.

It started with the fact that, as the Sokółka policemen established, the 25 and 26-year-old agreed to talk on one of the streets in the city.

“During the meeting, the 25-year-old took his friend’s phone and demanded that he give him his wallet. When the resident of Sokółka refused, the attacker took out an air gun and shot him in the thigh,” writes Senior Sergeant Magdalena Afonin of the Sokółka District Police Headquarters in a message.

He faces up to 12 years in prisonKPP Sokolka

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He had stolen things at home, as well as an air gun and a telescopic baton

When the 26-year-old wanted to pick up his wallet, a colleague allegedly hit him with a telescopic baton and then shot him twice in the stomach with an air rifle. Then leave, taking his phone as well.

Officers arrested the suspect an hour after the incident. He was in his house.

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At home he had a telescopic baton and an air gunKPP Sokolka

“During the activities, they found a stolen phone and wallet, as well as an air gun and a telescopic baton” – the policewoman points out.

The 25-year-old has already been charged with robbery and causing minor bodily harm. He faces up to 12 years in prison.

Main photo source: KPP Sokolka

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