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Falenica. The plumber went down to the well. After a while he shouted that there were snakes downstairs

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On a plot of land in Warsaw’s Falenica, a plumber descended a ladder to an old well. “As quickly as he went down, he climbed up, shouting to the owner of the plot that there were snakes downstairs,” reports the city guard, who was called by the owner of the property.

As described by the Warsaw city guard, a resident of the capital bought a recreational plot in Falenica. She decided to start a well that had been closed for some time. She made an appointment with a plumber for Tuesday.

He shouted that there were snakes down there

“The specialist looked at the concrete circles sunk into the ground next to the house, but it was quite dark. So he decided to insert a ladder into the circles and go downstairs. The woman immediately called the emergency number 112,” the guards said in a statement.

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After a while, the city guards also received information about the incident. When the eco-patrol officers arrived, the fire brigade was already on the spot. “It was not known what animals were at the bottom of the well. They could have been native harmless snakes, poisonous vipers or exotic reptiles that someone tried to get rid of from the farm. Knowing that crawling animals swim very well, firefighters slowly pumped water into the well” – handed over.

They are under strict protection

– After a while we saw how four deadworms, harmless to humans, floated to the surface on pieces of polystyrene. The animals were in good condition. All of them have been caught – said Jacek Kosela, the ecopatrol guard, quoted in the message.

Slowworms, although similar in appearance to snakes, are not snakes. They are non-venomous, legless lizards that are under strict protection in our country. The animals were released by the guards into the forest in Wawer.

Main photo source: Municipal Police

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